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Audiovisual screenings. Series …Como niños III (...Like Children III)
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Programme for Saturday 5 July at 6:30 pm

Series …Como niños III (...Like Children III)
Curated by María Morata

The works included in this series reflect on the role of children in the world of adults and vice versa. Education, imitation, the relationship with one’s surroundings, the paradise of childhood, and interpersonal relations with educators and parents are some of the themes through which the attitudes, behaviour and reactions of adults and children are brought into question in the complex social, economic and cultural fabric.

This section of the series is dedicated to Guy Ben-Ner. The Israeli artist has found the perfect balance between the two apparently irreconcilable worlds of artistic creation and family life.

His children, his wife and he are the leading characters in the stories Guy Ben-Ner recreates in his home, creating wacky and highly personal re-enactments of some of the great myths of universal literature, scattered with references to the slapstick gags in the very first motion pictures. In the video Berkeley’s Island, the spirit of Robinson Crusoe wanders through an island built with sand in the family kitchen, crowned by a palm tree. We are witnesses not only to the plot but also to the meta-narrative considerations where the artist argues with his daughter about who is the author of the video and about who will decide where and how to place the camera. The kitchen furniture then changes into a sordid sailors’ tavern and the deck of the ship, while the baby’s bathtub turns into a fishing boat that approaches the huge whale in a homemade version of Melville’s classic work, Moby Dick. Everyday objects are transformed once again to create an unexpected, self-inflicted prison in House Hold, in which Ben-Ner spends hours locked behind the bars of his smallest child’s crib, coming up with thousands of plans to escape. In Wild Boy, the director finds inspiration in the myth of the good savage and the doubtful effects of civilization that Truffaut portrayed masterfully in his 1970 film, L’enfant sauvage.
Lastly, in the video Stealing Beauty, the artist and his family swing between the private and the public, the personal and the serial, temporarily living in various Ikea stores until the security staff finds them and politely asks them to leave the shopping centre. The camera shows the Ben-Nur family dressed in their underwear as they walk around the false bathrooms or, after having slept on five different beds, as they prepare breakfast which is served on plates and flatware with the price stickers on them. It also shows the curious and even distant looks from customers at the store who know nothing about Ben-Ner’s questioning of the figure of the artist and father who is bringing up a family, as well as the thousands of possibilities offered by artistic objects.

Berkeley’s Island, 1999 (Israel). Guy Ben-Ner. Running time 7'
House Hold, 2001 (Israel). Guy Ben-Ner. Running time 22' 30''
Wild Boy, 2004 (Israel). Guy Ben-Ner. Running time 17'
Moby Dick, 2000 (Israel). Guy Ben-Ner. Running time 12' 25''
Stealing Beauty, 2007 (Israel). Guy Ben-Ner. Running time 27'

* The screenings are an audiovisual proposal that regularly presents videos, documentaries, and films related to the programming.

Coming soon
12.07.08 : Series El jardín y sus delicias IV (The Garden and Its Delights IV)
19.06.08 : The Yes Men, 2003 (U.S.A)


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