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Conversations with Daniel Zarza
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La Ciudad como Paisaje Conurbano (The City as a “Con-urban” Landscape)
Wednesday 2 July 2008, 18.30 p.m.
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All human constructions are considered to be landscapes: an urban landscape. Founding cities in a territory means building a landscape to be inhabited, in contrast to an agricultural one to raise crops, or a natural landscape to be contemplated and used for the resources we need, given that we are animals. The City as a “Con-urban” Landscape ( with “con” meaning acting jointly) involves investigating other possibilities for urban intervention; understanding the social and physical city as a complex living thing in a constant state of transformation, adaptation, revaluation and qualification; growing not only ex novo as a dissatisfied political and physical Utopia; and developing not only by expansion, losing strength and shape, but also in terms of mass, density, compactness, and renovation. To conceive of the city today as a forest (Malevich) that is porous (Benjamin), is to interpret it in a new way, such as Manhattan (Koolhas), a polyp that is coralline (Geddes) and fractal (Menger’s sponger)

Alter Polis brings together eight teams of architects to work on a Utopian city from a humanist perspective. Each team has 11 working days ending with the public presentation of their proposal. As part of this production phase, an open work session will be offered, titled “Conversations”, for all interested persons, the teams participating in the project and a guest thinker who will lead the event.

Daniel Zarza (Logroño, 1945) holds a Ph.D. in Architecture from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and is Professor of Urban Development at the School of Architecture at the Universidad de Alcalá. Since 1985, he has combined his extensive teaching activities with his practice, in projects related to landscapes, territorial organization, urban development and planning, urban design, and architecture. Several of his projects have received recognition as innovative models for implementing urban development policies.

Audiovisual documentation: Conversations with Daniel Zarza

*The meetings, conversations and presentations are broadcast via streaming:


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