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Premiere of the playable theatre piece: Mata la reina (Kill the Queen)
Posted by Intermediae 17/01/2012 17:24:11

Premiere of the playable theatre piece: Mata la reina (Kill the Queen)
A project by Yoctobit

Mata la reina (Kill the Queen) is a playable theatre piece, a combination of graphic adventure and interactive theatre. 50% collaborative exploration game and 50% first-person action theatre, this theatre piece is aimed at an audience of players who participate actively in the performance as the protagonists in all kinds of collaborative and strategic actions. Members of the audience can also choose to play the role of observer. No experience in playing videogames (or acting!) is needed and the play is open to everyone from the age of 9.

MATA LA REINA (Kill the Queen), the play, the game: Subject to the extravagances of an authoritarian, egocentric Queen obsessed with keeping control, the resistance fighters (the players) must prepare and execute a plan to overthrow the reigning Queen. In this test, the players become human pieces on a gigantic board of hexagons. To depose the Queen, they must collect a set of elements that form a puzzle and solve it as  a group.

Premiere: Friday 20 January at 7 pm 
Performances: Saturday 21 January at 7 pm and Sunday 22 January at 6 pm.

Free admission until space is filled. 
Ticket reservations at

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