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Public Listenings of Radio Sures. From January to November 2013
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Public Listenings of Radio Sures

From January to November 2013
Radio Sures

Radio Sures is a personalised internet radio offering monthly public listenings of narrated documentaries in the Terrario space. With guests invited from various fields, such as film, painting, photography and theatre, each meeting generates discussions in which the participants give their point of view on the chosen subject, creating
bridges between sound and other disciplines.
Radio Sures is a personalised internet radio of documentaries. With no photo extras, backing videos or multimedia bonuses, it is committed to telling stories exclusively with sound resources. An example of this aesthetic proposal is given each month with a public meeting devoted to listening, offering a selection of narrated sound documentaries, in Spanish and other languages, with projected translations. We listen in semidarkness,
sitting or lying down, as if in a cinema with a film without images. Orson Welles could have said it: "Compared to the cinema, radio has the advantage of having a larger screen."
Each session has guest speaker to give his/her point of view (and of listening) on the documentary heard. The guests are not specialists in sound or radio, but work in other creative fields: film, painting, photography, literature, theatre, etc. Rather than analysing, they share their feelings and impressions as listeners, and through their taking part we can build bridges between sound and other artistic disciplines.


- Public listening #2: How do you create sound spaces? 18 January 2013.
- Public listening #3: How do you portray a person with sound? 16 February 2013.
- Public listening #4: The documentary. 17 May 2013
- Public listening #5: Recording in enemy territory. 9 October 2013.
- Public listening #6: Dramatised reality, the docudrama. 28 October 2013.

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