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Tensión Orcasitas (Estructura animada)
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An installation by Juan Linares and Erika Arzt

OPENING: Saturday, September 17 at 8pm

An installation as poetic surface and narrative context showing the results of a failed encounter between a community initiative to structure its environment and the local authorities, whose exercise of controlling and managing public space makes a potential space into the representation of their very absence.

In March 2006 artists Juan Linares and Erika Arzt proposed that the Orcasitas Neighbourhood Association start a collective process, which would lead to developing an imagined structure adapted to the city code for the place, incorporating into it the subjective visions and personal narratives of its residents. Then the idea arose of working with a pylon that was no longer used as a symbol of the local residents’ demands that led to its wires being buried.  Some local residents wanted it to disappear; others preferred to keep it as a sign of identity, their struggle and local history. A series of group meetings between the artist and the local residents ended up with the idea of transforming the former pylon into a hanging garden which would subsequently have its place in the area. After a long negotiation process with the local administration, permits were not granted to carry out the project so the final transformation of the pylon will not be installed.

> 2006 Creative Arts Grants

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