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Open Mondo Píxel ArsGames

Mondo Píxel

Star-t magazine books: 'Cohetes Rosas Sobre Cielos Nintendo' (Pink Rockets Over Nintendo Skies). Friday 8 February at 7 pm

S*T*A*R presents to the public a new book by the team STAR-T MAGAZINE BOOKS: 'Cohetes Rosas Sobre Cielos Nintendo', a treaty to find out about and understand how to make a videogame with its ethical and moral considerations, a master class of actions, methods and procedures based on the vintage world that are a great aid in translating methodologies to other creative and economic disciplines. And of course, for learning how to make a videogame.
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Open Terrario / Presentation of the book 2000 Kcal / 8439.5 kJ 2000 Kcal / 8439.5 kJ
Rafael Suárez

Thursday 10 January 7:30 – 10 pm

This work began in 2009 as a reflection on assessing the human body as an economic system. Parallels were drawn between the problem of obesity and the economic system in which we live, both phenomena characterised by improper management of surpluses. The photographic work has turned into a book with collaboration from two specialists, an economist and a biologist. They offer academic perspectives on surplus management in an organism and in a socio-political structure.
This unusual presentation will take place around a buffet table with various components that dialogue with the work to be presented.
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Toxic Lesbian

Mujeres bajo sospecha (Women Under Suspicion). Saturday10 November at 7 p.m.
* The session will be broadcast live as of 7 p.m. via the channel and on @toxiclesbian as of 6.30 p.m.

Toxic Lesbian’s Open Dialogues present Mujeres bajo sospecha (Women Under Suspicion), a book that collects the research carried out from 2007 to date, along with a video directed by Cecilia Montagut titled Memoria y sexualidad de las mujeres bajo el franquismo (Memory and Sexuality of Women during the Franco Years).
Female sexuality, denied, silenced or repressed, is made visible in this project that goes beyond the model of an immaculate woman, a mother and wife, placing special importance on non-normative sexualities and homoerotic/affective relations among women.
The lack of any traces of female sexuality from that period impedes a linear history, aggravated by the silence imposed by the context and women themselves. Many suffered repression but there were also resistant subjects who lived out forms of sexuality that questioned the sole heterosexual model, moving away from passivity as destiny.

Participants at the meeting will include the project coordinator Raquel Osborne in dialogue with writer  Raquel (Lucas) Platero, researchers María Rosón Villena and Fefa Vila, and professors Jordi M. Monferrer Tomás and Kira Mahamud, as well as the public in attendance.
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The library offers a collection of 120 volumes that approach the concept of Utopia from a variety of angles and genres. It also contains 24 books that analyze contemporary reality from the perspective of different disciplines. The books are to be found at "El Terrario de Intermediæ” and are available for reading on-site.

A section on gardening has been added with books about the subject viewed from different fields like architecture, art, history, or socially.

With the collaboration of Pedro Aullón, Fernando García Dory, atelier le balto, José Otero, Paola Mussano, Michela Pasquali and Raquel Tejada.