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Matadero Aural Memory

From 29 November 2013 to 23 February 2014

The main goal of Matadero Aural Memory is to explore Matadero Madrid in an aural context. A strategy to show clearly how the Matadero as it is today has been transformed and to interact with the identity and memory housed in it, with the emphasis on the aural element, which is so often ignored.
This research proposal is consistent with the growing consolidation of sound art and with the rise of a rethinking of the social through listening, with its clearly relational aspect, as promoted by so-called sound studies.
A compilation will be made of documentary material (newspapers, historical archives) and the experiences and oral histories of people (workers, neighbours) whose lives have been related at some time with the Legazpi district's former slaughterhouse. They will carry out sound drifts in the Matadero space outside the traditional visitors' circuit, involving psychogeography, and the creation of sound pieces that will combine the aurality found in phonography and sound art with the orality typical in the anthropological field. Various public presentations of results and workshops are used to disseminate the research methodology. This will encourage creativity, share knowledge and involve both people interested in making field recordings and people from the community who want to learn about such an element as Matadero from an aural perspective.



-Workshop: Digital memories. Friday 29 November, 5 pm to 7pm.
-Presentation and inauguration of the project. Friday 29 November, at 7pm.
-Workshop: Listen and drift. Saturday 30 November, 12 noon to 6 pm.
-Workshop: Sound editing and collaborative maps. Tuesday 3 December, 5 pm to 7:30 pm
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KOMMUNE An installation by Andrés Senra

From 21 of november

Kommune is an offering from artist Andrés Senra who, based on the experiences and testimony of the residents of Christiania, reflects upon the possibilities and limitations of utopia, common good and self-governance.

Standing in the very heart of Copenhagen, Christiania is an area that has been squatted since 1973 and home to over 900 people. Their aim is to create a self-governing society outside the state system. Based on this approach, the inhabitants of Christiania were asked what their ideal city would be from their own personal perspective, what are their feelings, fears, dreams and needs and how to manage positions of power, consensus decision-making, interpersonal relations and individual-community disputes in the face of daily reality within the community.

The work combines video and watercolours to portray Christiania's people, landscapes, architecture, recreational areas and places of work, establishing links with the history of utopian writing, painting, architecture, territory, cartography and urban design of ideal cities.
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Open Terrario / Presentation of the book 2000 Kcal / 8439.5 kJ 2000 Kcal / 8439.5 kJ
Rafael Suárez

Thursday 10 January 7:30 – 10 pm

This work began in 2009 as a reflection on assessing the human body as an economic system. Parallels were drawn between the problem of obesity and the economic system in which we live, both phenomena characterised by improper management of surpluses. The photographic work has turned into a book with collaboration from two specialists, an economist and a biologist. They offer academic perspectives on surplus management in an organism and in a socio-political structure.
This unusual presentation will take place around a buffet table with various components that dialogue with the work to be presented.
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Toxic Lesbian

Mujeres bajo sospecha (Women Under Suspicion). Saturday10 November at 7 p.m.
* The session will be broadcast live as of 7 p.m. via the channel and on @toxiclesbian as of 6.30 p.m.

Toxic Lesbian’s Open Dialogues present Mujeres bajo sospecha (Women Under Suspicion), a book that collects the research carried out from 2007 to date, along with a video directed by Cecilia Montagut titled Memoria y sexualidad de las mujeres bajo el franquismo (Memory and Sexuality of Women during the Franco Years).
Female sexuality, denied, silenced or repressed, is made visible in this project that goes beyond the model of an immaculate woman, a mother and wife, placing special importance on non-normative sexualities and homoerotic/affective relations among women.
The lack of any traces of female sexuality from that period impedes a linear history, aggravated by the silence imposed by the context and women themselves. Many suffered repression but there were also resistant subjects who lived out forms of sexuality that questioned the sole heterosexual model, moving away from passivity as destiny.

Participants at the meeting will include the project coordinator Raquel Osborne in dialogue with writer  Raquel (Lucas) Platero, researchers María Rosón Villena and Fefa Vila, and professors Jordi M. Monferrer Tomás and Kira Mahamud, as well as the public in attendance.
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Escucha Pública #1. How to tell stories with sounds, with Antonio Altarriba. Friday 16 November at 8 p.m.

Radio Sures is a new web radio for radio documentaries. Without extra photos, or supporting videos, or multimedia bonus features, or anything like that. They tell stories using only sound resources. Of course that is possible.
They will prove it every month in the public listening sessions in which they will offer narrative sound documents, in Spanish and other languages, with subtitles.
Listening in the darkness, seated or lying down, as if we were in a cinema with a film without images. As Orson Welles said: “Compared to the cinema, radio has the advantage of having a larger screen.” He didn’t say that, but he could have.

The first session will have as a participant writer, professor of French literature and comic scriptwriter Antonio Altarriba, author of the marvellous Arte de volar (Art of Flying) (2010 National Comic Award).
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A project by Ecosecha
Seed Exchanges are held the first Thursday of each month from 6 to 8 p.m.
5 th July

This initiative aims to foster decentralization of seed control, question prevailing management models and encourage organic agriculture in Madrid. The Seed Bank can be visited at the Terrario during regular opening hours or at other times by contacting
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OPEN TERRARIO/ A New Tahrir Square

8 May to 17 June.
Presentation of the project led by Miguel Moreno and Martín Toimil. Tuesday 8 May at 6:30 pm.

Selection of participating projects in the international call for ideas for the reinterpretation of Tahrir Square in Cairo.
To celebrate the launch of the revolutionary movement that was born and continues in Egypt, the ICARCH international design and architecture competition platform launched the call for A New Tahrir Square so that participants from all over the world could make suggestions, at all levels, for a new concept of Tahrir Square.
At this exhibit, we can enjoy and analyze the works that numerous teams from around the world submitted. In keeping with the popular revolutionary movement, the proposals were free and from a wide range of disciplines, to guarantee the most extensive representation and the freedom that characterized the Egyptian movement.

Through Miguel Moreno Mateos, the Estudio de Paisajismo GM3 has coordinated the exhibit, with support from a multidisciplinary team of professionals.

More information: and
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EL OJO COJO 1936: Memorias del silencio
From 15 to 18 March

El ojo cojo association presents a selection of films on various aspects of a complex, diverse reality still affecting us today, spanning the history of Spain and several generations' collective memory. El ojo cojo, created to promote intercultural dialogue and integration of disadvantaged groups, dissemination of quality films that hardly reach the cinemas in Spain.
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OVNI ARCHIVE. This installation opens archiving-archive exhibition
Rosell Meseguer
1 October 8 pm

Ovni Archive is an installation by Rosell Meseguer developing a metaphorical dialogue on espionage between two periods: a past that coincides with the history of espionage carried out during the Cold War and our present. The project is part of a body of work generated by the artist based on research that has previously led her to explore the locations of military forts and bunkers as defensive sites or shelters, extraordinary forms of military power that lead us into the  sophisticated world of espionage, its inventions, revolutions and conflicts, which serve the artist to open tunnels in time to connect current and past events. The term Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) is used here as a metaphor for the impossibility of decoding or publically understanding documents forming a nation’s security-privacy. The project shows documents, photographs of peculiar objects and other archives linked to the world of espionage, taking into account that it is impossible for them to be completely legible, given that they hide an essential part of the information. For Rosell Meseguer, to operate inside the archive and with its representations is an attempt to negotiate with reality and de-territorialize power.

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A play by Cía Púctum directed by Cecilia Pérez Prada

A documentary theatre piece about the transformations in the neighbourhoods in southern part of Madrid, told through its residents’ life stories.

-"Multiculturalism on the stage. A portrait of a neighbourhood. The actors are local residents. The script is their own lives."- Pablo León, EL PAÍS, Madrid 25/10/09

Free admission. For reservations:
Corte Arganzuela links to Archival Processes (Procesos de Archivo)

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