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Urban Common Assets Sport in citizen construction of public space

April and May 2013
[VIC] Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas / Citizen Initiative Nursery

It is a social construct with culturally constructed values that finds expression in a variety of established forms: companies, professionalised institutions, sports associations, formal practices, grassroots sport and a whole range of informal non-institutionalised practices.
The Urban Common Assets project seeks to reveal different citizen practices related to sport and their configuration in the city, with particular regard to the generation of citizen initiatives that involve new ways of producing public space, initiatives that represent alternatives and that challenge the idea of competition and best brands with the idea of collective achievement and improvement.
These are processes that help in developing cooperative policies. We propose building a complementary approach that superimposes a layer of greater complexity, to include an active and creative citizenry in the urban development process, permit the development of different, more conciliatory, perspectives on constructing the city and allow a diverse range of meetings and projects capable of more adaptable thinking. We start with some working sessions using direct conversations to compose a narrative that helps us to piece things together, raise doubts, generate consensus and disagreement in order to construct new questions about how sport interacts with the city.
This interplay will be a common asset that can be incorporated into the collective thinking to complement the general discourse associated with this form of urban production.


- Sport in citizen construction of public space: Polis and policies. 29 April, at 7 pm.
- Citizenry and non-institutionalised sport. 7 May, at 5:30 pm.
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KOMMUNE An installation by Andrés Senra

From 21 of november

Kommune is an offering from artist Andrés Senra who, based on the experiences and testimony of the residents of Christiania, reflects upon the possibilities and limitations of utopia, common good and self-governance.

Standing in the very heart of Copenhagen, Christiania is an area that has been squatted since 1973 and home to over 900 people. Their aim is to create a self-governing society outside the state system. Based on this approach, the inhabitants of Christiania were asked what their ideal city would be from their own personal perspective, what are their feelings, fears, dreams and needs and how to manage positions of power, consensus decision-making, interpersonal relations and individual-community disputes in the face of daily reality within the community.

The work combines video and watercolours to portray Christiania's people, landscapes, architecture, recreational areas and places of work, establishing links with the history of utopian writing, painting, architecture, territory, cartography and urban design of ideal cities.
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From 15 th of June

Is it possible to occupy the inhabitable space that exists in all spaces with sound and visual archives or, in other words, the no-places there are in all places?

Augmented reality makes it possible to geo-locate contents on certain coordinates. By going online through mobile devices like smart phones, those archives can be found and played, provided that one is within their action radius. Poetic occupation turns readers into active visitors to places where poetic interventions have occurred.

This first non-invasive intervention brings together literary creation, music and dramatized readings along Legazpi neigbourghood, fostering the idea of an anti-guide. As people walk by, they can discover a series of audio poems, in an attempt to offer local residents and passersby a new way of walking through this fragment of the city.

How does it work?

To access the contents of “Occupacción poética” (Poetic OccupAction), you need to download the LAYAR* app, by clicking on this link:

And you can add content

Intermediæ invites poets, musicians, educators and all interested people to send their proposals to continue this poetic occupation of Legazpi and other neighbourhoods in the south of the city. Contributions will be added to this initial intervention proposed by Carlos Contreras Elvira and Juan Carlos Ibáñez Angulo.

For more information visit or write to

Ocupacciónpoetica (Poetic OccupAction) is an initiative conceived of in 2010 by cultural agitator Juan Carlos Ibáñez Angulo and coordinated by writer Carlos Contreras Elvira. At present it has over two thousand interventions in twenty one countries all over the world.

* Layar is an application developed with open source software and a Copyleft license 

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OPEN TERRARIO/ A New Tahrir Square

8 May to 17 June.
Presentation of the project led by Miguel Moreno and Martín Toimil. Tuesday 8 May at 6:30 pm.

Selection of participating projects in the international call for ideas for the reinterpretation of Tahrir Square in Cairo.
To celebrate the launch of the revolutionary movement that was born and continues in Egypt, the ICARCH international design and architecture competition platform launched the call for A New Tahrir Square so that participants from all over the world could make suggestions, at all levels, for a new concept of Tahrir Square.
At this exhibit, we can enjoy and analyze the works that numerous teams from around the world submitted. In keeping with the popular revolutionary movement, the proposals were free and from a wide range of disciplines, to guarantee the most extensive representation and the freedom that characterized the Egyptian movement.

Through Miguel Moreno Mateos, the Estudio de Paisajismo GM3 has coordinated the exhibit, with support from a multidisciplinary team of professionals.

More information: and
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In late 2007 Intermediæ began an ongoing permaculture programme by turning the space between the Matadero wall and Intermediæ façade into a garden called Avant-Garden. Its purpose was to create a metaphor for understanding process and participation, generating possibilities for experiencing their meaning, while transforming an unused space into an urban garden. Various projects, presentations and actions have been carried out in this context aimed at proposing, informing about and lending visibility to initiatives contributing to generating habitats that are more sustainable than current ones. Since then, numerous creators, activists, researchers, farmers, etc. have come to Intermediae. Horticulture is what they all have in common. Seen from artistic, social, technological, and other perspectives, they have shown us specific realities, proposed alternatives, and generated projects for transforming our cities.

The most recent was Urban Fruit Action, un project by Fallen Fruit to turn the nearby urban environment into a green area by planting fruit trees in public space. Fallen Fruit is an art collective that got its start by making maps of public fruit trees in Los Angeles and other U.S. cities.
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26 September from 5 to 7 p.m.
27 September from 12 to 2 p.m.

An action by artist Fernando García Dory as part of the activities programme for Semillando: cultura sostenible en la ciudad (Sowing seeds: sustainable culture in cities)

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Meetings on experiences converting urban spaces into sustainable green spaces
Meetings broadcast via streaming at URL:
25 September from 6 to 9 p.m. and 26 September from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Semillando: cultura sostenible en la ciudad (Sowing Seeds: Sustainable Culture in the City) proposes two debate sessions to exchange experiences and knowledge with some of the leaders of projects in Spain and abroad working in artistic, social, and technological fields to gradually transform urban spaces into green areas through ongoing work on the physical soil and public awareness.

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25 September from 5 to 10 p.m.
26 September from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
27 September from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Building 01 at Intermediae will host an exhibit of various initiatives in Madrid related to organic agriculture, from the point of view of production and consumption. Self-managed groups, volunteer organizations and initiatives by various public administrations responded to the Ecosecha group's invitation to take part in this meeting.

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Programme for Saturday 11 July at 18.30 p.m.

Viaje a Narragonia
, 2003 (Spain-Chile). Documentary. Germán Berger. Running time 83’. German, English and Spanish with subtitles in Spanish.

* The screenings are an audiovisual proposal that regularly presents videos, documentaries, and films related to the programming. Download July programme

Narragonia: a place located in fantasy, the nation of fools. Das Narrenschiff (Ship of Fools, 1494) is a novel published in the Late Middle Ages that describes a mythical event.
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Programme for Saturday 13 June at 18.30 p.m.

InterCultural News Bulletin (NIC Noticiero Intercultural) | Tras la frontera (Across the Border)


The InterCultural News Bulletin (NIC, El Noticiero InterCultural) is a cooperative participatory communication project carried out in Spain by ACSUR-LAS SEGOVIAS, and in Guatemala by two organizations: Asociación Mujer Tejedora del Desarrollo (AMUTED) and Defensoría Maya (DEMA). As part of the project, documentaries made collectively with social organizations are produced and distributed.

* The screenings are an audiovisual proposal that regularly presents videos, documentaries, and films related to the programming.
Download June programme
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