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A laboratory, not a museum

Intermediæ got underway in 2007 in Matadero Madrid and it is the first institution to inaugurate this space devoted to contemporary creation in the city. Since then, it has also carried out activities in other spaces including Abierto por Obras, Las Naves del Español and La Central de Diseño, and will do so in the future Casa del Lector.

Intermediæ is an experimental programme run by the Madrid City Government's Arts Area, aimed at a broad spectrum of the population with the goal of collectively creating a different institutional model. It is a space for disseminating emerging projects and a production and innovation laboratory. For that reason, creation is used as the means of exploration, research, and experimentation; and process and participation as formulae for its development.


Photo: Image from Night Session, a screenings programme devoted to audiovisual creations, with commentary by María Morata.