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Creative Arts Grants

Following an open dialogue process between the Madrid City Government’s Arts Area and the artistic groups in the city, in 2006 the Creative Arts Grants Programme was born. Intermediæ made its desire to structure its programme with the agents of the Creative Arts Grants clear from the start: it set up its own modality devoted to the production of the projects selected within the context of the institution. The annual call for applications for Matadero Madrid Creative Arts Grants, in the Intermediæ modality, is the main participation channel. This decision aims to guarantee the permeability of the institution and the need to define the project collectively.

Intermediæ programming is comprised of curated projects and projects stemming from the Creative Arts Grants Programme, which constitute between forty and seventy per cent of the scheduled activities. Two fundamental objectives are conserving their autonomy and guaranteeing their projection. The synergies that arise during the development of these emerging projects have led to valuable contributions by these agents with other local, national and international spaces and institutions. 


Photo: ARS AUTOMÁTA, a project by Alberto Bernal and Iván Ferrer, Creative Arts Grants Programme  (project blog)