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In the Legazpi neighbourhood

The explicit desire of working in and with the context where Intermediæ is located makes the neighbourhood of Legazpi one of its most direct interlocutors. Programming that is sensitive to what is local while structured internationally makes it possible to establish a commitment with a closer public, creating a dialogue between the idea of an artistic vanguard and the value of proximity.

Intermediæ is based on an explicit interest in its context and considers it a site in keeping with the tradition of "site specific art", disconnecting from any aims at universality. The institution no longer occupies a neutral space; instead, its location is specific, so its activities are considered incomplete and partial until they connect with the local social fabric. This interest in "working with the local social fabric" is shown concretely in the development of a series of projects under the work platform called "Legazpi World" (Mundo Legazpi), which invites different artists to go around its streets and practice other ways of relating, mapping, telling, understanding and inhabiting this city fragment.

Photo 1: LEGAZPOLIS, a project by Tamara Arroyo for Mundo Legazpi

Photo 2: CORTE ARGANZUELA, a project by Cía. Púctum (project blog)