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Space for the production of artistic projects based on shared experimentation, knowledge and learning

Is it possible to enhance the cultural programming of a city, dialogue with the international context and maintain the intention of a feeling of closeness with a broader public?

Intermediæ is conceived as a laboratory for the production of projects and social innovation, specialized in visual culture driven by participation. It investigates new ways of involving different audiences in the circles of art and culture. It understands creation as a shared learning space and experimentation as a form of involvement in cultural production. It collaborates with projects committed to a view of community work as a practice that serves to produce innovation and transformation.

Intermediæ opened the doors of Matadero to the Legazpi neighbourhood and city of Madrid in 2007, and since then, it has continued doing so daily. Its actions are directed at this and other neighbourhoods, looking toward the south of the city, a traditionally active, participatory territory. It has drawn on pioneering institutional practices from the international cultural panorama, using networks to explore ways of doing things and sharing, trans- forming and relating, experimenting and acting.

Intermediae programming is comprised of projects selected from the Call for Projects for Creative Ars Grants offered by the Madrid City Council´s Area of the Arts, as well as projects that connect creators, spaces, networks, practices and experiencies, exploring distributed ways of doing things.

Intermediæ is an experimental space run by the Área de las Artes, Deportes y Turismo from Madrid City Council. Located at Matadero Madrid, it is the institution that inaugurated and inspired this complex devoted to contemporary creation in the city.

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Borrador#1 (2005)

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