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Intermediae is a flexible, versatile project, a friend to the possible and desirable, in search of the coherent and the necessary, an apprentice to masters new and old. Intermediae opened the doors of Matadero Madrid to the neighbourhood and the city in the year 2007, and has continued to do so daily since then. Intermediae maintains a relationship with the surrounding Legazpi area, the southern gate of the city of Madrid, a territory with an active, critical and participatory tradition. Intermediae believes that it is possible to think and share, transform and relate, experiment and act from an institutional setting. Intermediae works and collaborates with artistic projects based on participation, as a practice for producing innovation and social transformation. In 2012, it is starting up a project devoted to the cultural producers of the future: an experimental space for teaching young people.

A cultural research and production team especially interested in socially and educationally related artistic practices, as well as the tools and methodologies inherent to participatory processes. Curating is understood as an exercise in listening and distributed expertise. Intermediae connects artists, collaborators, local residents, amateurs, experts, researchers, producers, apprentices, volunteer organizations and groups in temporary communities for the generation of shared processes and practices that affect the more traditional, hierarchical logics of cultural production.

Intermediæ [Creación Contemporánea]
Matadero Madrid. Pº de la Chopera, 14
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