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Friday 11 February, 7 p.m.

Open Mondo Píxel-Arsgames continues showing the hidden side of videogames. From the moment they start as a vague idea in their creator’s mind until they reach our homes, ready to be enjoyed, videogames undergo a complex process involving processes unknown to final users, such as distribution, production and promotion. At this meeting, videogame designers, illustrators and programmers will share details about each and every one of these stages.
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Thursday 3 February, starting at 4 p.m.

Artist Wapke Feenstra from the group is presenting  The International Village Shop, an international itinerant bartering market where any locally produced product can be exchanged for local products from the various cities where the market has been. This project has been held in countries including Japan, the United States, England, Germany and the Netherlands. Now it is coming to Madrid to join the Seed Exchange Bank in shedding light on the local territory.

> The market will be open as of 4 p.m. and Wapke Feenstra’s presentation will be at 7 p.m.


Thursday 3 February, 6 p.m

On 3 February the next Seed Bank Exchange will be held. This initiative aims to foster decentralization of seed control, question prevailing management models and encourage organic agriculture in Madrid. The Seed Bank can be visited at the Terrario during regular opening hours or at other times by contacting

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The International Villlage Shop doesn’t exist as a single shop, but through the ongoing set up of temporary and semi-permanent trading platforms by the different groups involved. Settings include the Honesty Box at Lawson Park, an annual stall at a village fete in Höfen, the Boxberg Products Display in Boxberg, a one-hour shop as part of a presentation in San Francisco, a shelf in a waiting room in a veterinary practice in Friesland, etc.

The products for the shop come from a wide range of sources and contributors, and are linked to the places where the shop takes place. They have a strong local narrative and identity, and are mostly developed collaboratively. The product development is rooted in stories, materials and skills that are particular to the village. Villages have always been a place of intensive production, from agriculture to meat and dairy production, gardening, fruit and vegetable processing etc. Today the meaning of agriculture and associated products have declined dramatically, but the village remains a rich resource for numerous materials, craft and labour skills and creative thinking.

The shop trades the products across cultural and language borders. Together with the products short film documentaries about their background are made. Their intention is to communicate the particularities of each product and its production. The films are 4 – 6 minutes long and focus on „handling“ as a form of explaining. Each film starts with a brief visual introduction to the geographical place. It then follows the producers and their everyday routines and activities that inform the products.

The collection of films shows the multiple places and individuals involved in the overall project. The different scales on the International Village Shop, from international links, to the individual village, to private production sites are captured in the films. They are shown during shop settings, and explain the extended network of producers and production sites that make the International Village Shop.

The shop, the making of new produce and the films are all ongoing.
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AVANT GARDEN ACTIVITIES: visit "Ésta es una Plaza"

Sunday 30 January, from 12 to 2 p.m.

On this occasion, Avant Garden will visit ?Ésta es una Plaza? (located at C/Doctor Fourquet 24) to observe and monitor the progress of the fruit trees planted there over a year ago as part of the Acción Fruta Urbana project by the Fallen Fruit group. Attendees will take part in tending the trees and will learn about the activities organized by this locally self-managed space.
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Jean-Paul Jaud
Friday 28 January, 7:30 p.m.

This is the first documentary in a series on cinema and food sovereignty. The other films in the series will be Bananas! and King Corn. "Nuestros hijos nos acusarán" (Our Children Will Accuse Us) showcases the initiative of a small French town's local government in Berjac that decides to serve only organic food at the elementary school to avoid health threats from the 76,000 tones of pesticides used annually in France.

Download programmera: a series on cinema and food sovereignty
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Chris Sugrue and Daniel Sánchez
30 January to 1 February, 5 p.m.

Technical and creative seminars on mathematics, juggling and programming, related to interactive art and multimedia. On Sunday the 30th, an introductory talk will be given at the Terrario on the Sitesway notation system, along with a juggling seminar and a workshop on spirographic movement. On Monday the 31st, at Café Teatro, a workshop on table juggling will be held, followed by a talk by Sean Gandini at 7:30 p.m. On Tuesday, 1 February work groups and complementary activities will be held at the Terrario.

> Creative Grants Programme 2010.
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AddSensor Plataforma digital audiovisual • Netlabel
Friday 21 and Saturday 22 January, 8 p.m.

This activity opens the final phase of the project, which has recorded everyday sounds in the hustle and bustle of the city for the last few months. This time live field recordings will be played that blend into and give shape to pieces created by artists Mikel R. Nieto and Manuel Calurano (21 Jan.), and Rubén García and Carlos Suárez (22 Jan.), based on urban textures, atmospheres and sounds.

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Ars Games   
19 Junuary, 5.30 p.m.

Children and youth are invited to take part in these assemblies of the GameStarT Club. This club aims to experience, learn and try different games, turning its members into young researchers of play processes, generating dynamics for discussion, reflection and leisure time. The meetings are held monthly and aim to bring people together to share their interests and needs in a space devoted to games and leisure time at Intermediae.

In collaboration with Centro de Día Infantil de Arganzuela (Cruz Roja).

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Mercedes Álvarez.
Friday 17 December, 7:30 p.m.

El cielo gira, 2005 (Spain). Documentary. Director: Mercedes Álvarez. Running time: 114’. Spanish.

Presentation by José Antonio Otero.

Aldealseñor, a village in the high plains of Soria, has only 14 remaining inhabitants. They are the last generation, after a thousand years of ongoing history. For now, life goes on. But soon, the town will die quietly, without witnesses. The residents of Aldealseñor and the work of painter Pello Azketa have something in common: things have started to disappear before their very eyes. The narrator returns to her hometown and is present at this ending while attempting to
recapture her first images of the world, those of childhood.
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Debajo del sombrero

As of 15 December / Creative workshops every Wednesday from 11 - 14 h

Diario de taller (Diary of a Workshop) is a space open to the spontaneous participation of all the artists taking part in Al Matadero sin miedo workshops.  Conceived as a game, the syntax will have a format and its own rules within a permanent structure whose contents will change as the workshops evolve. Diario de taller (Diary of a Workshop) will take shape on a panel located in the Intermediae building, offering different images, videos and audios in the form of a toolbar, ideas, situations or specific people from the workshop. Debajo del Sombrero usually works at the Terrario at Intermediae, carrying out weekly workshops which aim to generate new relational models for artistic practices for people with cognitive and developmental difficulties.  The weekly workshops are held every Wednesday from 11 to 14 h.

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Mondo Píxel
Coming soon

The Mondo Píxel-ArsGames gatherings continue to explore the language of videogames and their circumstances: their history, problems and future, although on this occasion we will look at their past. What is it that makes a retro video game still valid, although it's been left far behind on technological terms? Is there a point to retro or is it just a nostalgic fad? Can videogames be made which are faithful to the past but still technologically innovative? As always, the subject will be discussed by a careful selection of experts including members of Mondo Píxel, ArsGames and guests from the specialized press and video game industry. The topic is: Must we kill the past to build the future? 

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