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AddSensor Plataforma digital audiovisual • Netlabel.
3 December, 7 p.m.

Third issue of M2 Legazpi Sound (M2 de sonido de Legazpi) engaged in presenting and disseminating projects based on field recordings and soundscapes.  We will connect with Chiu Longina anthropologist and musicologist, sound artist, co-founder and members of the and SINSALaudio groups, and portals including Sergio Gómez Brito will also present El Cloquido, a project that aims to show and preserve the sound identity of the Canary Islands. We will also hear the results of the Phonography Workshop given by Pablo Sanz on 20 and 21 November.

> Creative Arts Grants Programme
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Image courtesy of Antonio Yemail

Thursday 2 December, 6 p.m.

On 2 December the second exchange day will be held at the seed bank. The Seed Exchange Bank is an initiative of Ecosecha in favour of decentralizing control of seeds and questioning the management models we generate or in which we take part in this culture. The Seed Exchange Bank and the activities held throughout the year are offered as a metaphor for the need for change in society today.

In relation with the seed exchange day, Antonio Yemail, in residence currently at El Ranchito at Matadero, will give a talk titled Harvest Actions (Acciones de Cosecha), an overview of strategies that aim to promote environmental, material, political and social diversity as a creative commitment. 

Yemail will also converse with Ivan López Munuera (curator of El Ranchito) on the research lines to be developed during his residency.

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Intermediae / Avant Garden
28 November 2010, 12 pm - 2 pm

On Sunday 24 October, a new workshop will be held at Avant Garden, an urban garden conceived of by Atelier Le balto. Aimed at taking a deeper look at the concept used by the landscape artists who designed the garden, the workshops offer an opportunity to get to know this place for gathering and exchanges, learning and enjoyment.

The workshops will be carried out by Juan Manuel Rubiales, botanist and landscaping and gardening enthusiast.

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Luis Alaejos and Raúl Díez Alaejos
Friday 26 November, 7:30 p.m.

The documentary Palacio marks the second screening in the series Time Capsules: A Memory of Place. Palacio is an unexpected visit to an old hotel full of mysterious, disturbing architectural symbols that was at one time the tallest building in Latin America, located in Montevideo. Looking through them, the most delirious symbols turned out to be some of its 1500 local residents, some with their everyday lives, others with a mysterious spiritual charge, or extravagance and madness.
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Uriel Orlow and Ruth Maclennan
From 18 November - Until 20 March

Video installation comprised of two screenings. Colour DVD and sound. Loop. 60’, 2004-2005

Satellite Contact is a journey deep inside one of the most extensive national archives in the world, The National Archives (the official archives of the British Government). For an hour, two video cameras move along at the speed of the mechanism responsible for searching documents throughout the archive’s titanic structure. From the innermost and most protected areas –entire rooms that serve as safe deposits- crossing long tunnels, passing through walls and ceilings, on to the hustle and bustle of the outside world: the reference and reading rooms. The collaboration between Uriel Orlow and Ruth Maclennan has resulted in an apparently simple, direct piece that manages to bring to life a tangible, recognizable recreation of the complicated apparatus structuring the archive. Through this work, one can penetrate the border of the archive, approaching it in a concrete, limited way that is also ontological and poetic.

Uriel Orlow (Zurich, Switzerland 1973). He studied Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, in London. After that, he did post graduate  studies in Philosophy, Literature and Aesthetics at the University of Geneva, completing his doctorate in Fine Arts at The Slade School of Art (UCL) and the University of the Arts, in London. Uriel’s work aims to address the impossibility of narrating or representing the past and he does so by going to places where history and memory are found, in search of blind spots in the production and distribution of knowledge. He has taught Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and Goldsmith College, at the University of London, and currently he is a researcher at the University of Westminster in London.

Ruth Maclennan (London, United Kingdom 1969). She studied Fine Arts at Edinburgh College of Art and got her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths’ College at the University of London. Her work deals with questions about identity, using performance and language to explore the conditions that affect how individuals are defined. She has collaborated with Uriel Orlow on various occasions, approaching archives as both repository or physical storage and symbol or metaphor through which one can sink into an understanding of the past and the future.
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A proyect by AddSensor
5 November 2010, 19 h / Workshop 20 - 21 November 2010

On 5 November, the AddSensor group will present its project, M2 de sonido. The project aims to capture and record the everyday sounds of the Legazpi neighbourhood and, based on field recordings, create new sound works at the platform The presentation will include a talk by Miguel Álvarez titled How to Escape from Soundscapes: From John Cage to Murray Schafer, and Back Again. To start filling the platform with sounds on 20 and 21 November, Pablo Sanz will offer a workshop on phonography and field recordings. To sign up, write to until 12 November.
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A project by Toxic Lesbian
11 and 18 Novembre, 7.30 p.m.

Garbage and Tension is an artistic and activist project by the Toxic Lesbian collective. It is carried out collaboratively, from the standpoint of gender and sexual orientation, centred on the causes of violence surrounding some groups of women and bio-women who even today are still under-represented socially. Persons with mental health problems, single mothers, women in prison, Lesbian gypsies, transsexuals and trans-gendered persons are all groups taking part in the project that experience different kinds of violence and yet are not offered the same social coverage as victims of violence against women in Spain.

The project will be carried out in two sessions:

· 11 November, 19.30h, on-site session, Intermediae / Matadero Madrid. If you cannot attend, go online and follow the event until 21.30 at
· 18 November, 11,30h, virtual session, from the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

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Carolina Caycedo
Opening 28 October, 8 p.m. – Until 9 January

Soundscapes, dialogues, interviews and music comprise La Stargate, a project by Carolina Caycedo offering a sound journey through the Legazpi neighbourhood. Last spring, the artist began a set of routes to explore Legazpi and surrounding areas. Her fieldwork and direct relationships with this context arose in response to Intermediae's invitation to work with sound and the neighbourhood. La Stargate is a map of the senses of this territory, a route that breaks through silence and discovers possible sounds. Carolina Caycedo has made an imaginary drawing of La Stargate, an installation where the everyday murmurs of public space are infiltrated, amplifying social sonority.

For the presentation of La Stargate Carolina Caycedo invites us to an Open Dj Night at Bar Kucaramakara, Calle San Evaristo, 4, on 28 October starting at 10 p.m. A setting to dive into her understanding of artistic creation. Come with an mp3 player, iPod or mobile device to share your favourite song.


Inauguration of La Stargate at Intermediæ | 28 October 8 pm
Open DJ Night at Kucaramákara | 28 October 10 pm C/ San Evaristo 4 (Madrid) (Matadero area)
Bring your mp3 player, CD or mobile and share your music.
Installation at the Intermediæ building | Regular opening hours.
Bring your headset to hear the sounds of the installation or request one at the entrance to Matadero.
Sound Intervention at the Casa del Reloj | Thursday 28 October, Thursday 4, 11, 18 and 25 November and Thursday 2, 9, 16 and 23 December at 4.30 pm
Sound Intervention at the Muro de Matadero | Tuesday to Sunday from 4-9 pm.
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Mondo Píxel
19 November, 7 p.m.

Los rompecastillos. Mondo Píxel continues to evolve and it's back again. A new volume of theory and gonzo, in-depth articles and pop culture: a step ahead from an independent standpoint—the only one in Spain—on texts about videogames. We will discuss critiques, the industry, wild nights, and the question everybody's talking about on the Internet: is it possible to play videogames and reflect on them? In addition: guest stars, energy drinks, and a possible reading of a manifesto, proving we also love retro. 

Web Arsgames
Web Mondo Pixel

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OVNI ARCHIVE. This installation opens archiving-archive exhibition
Rosell Meseguer
1 October 8 pm

Ovni Archive is an installation by Rosell Meseguer developing a metaphorical dialogue on espionage between two periods: a past that coincides with the history of espionage carried out during the Cold War and our present. The project is part of a body of work generated by the artist based on research that has previously led her to explore the locations of military forts and bunkers as defensive sites or shelters, extraordinary forms of military power that lead us into the  sophisticated world of espionage, its inventions, revolutions and conflicts, which serve the artist to open tunnels in time to connect current and past events. The term Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) is used here as a metaphor for the impossibility of decoding or publically understanding documents forming a nation’s security-privacy. The project shows documents, photographs of peculiar objects and other archives linked to the world of espionage, taking into account that it is impossible for them to be completely legible, given that they hide an essential part of the information. For Rosell Meseguer, to operate inside the archive and with its representations is an attempt to negotiate with reality and de-territorialize power.