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Vida Interior | Estación Futuro on Vimeo.

The third exhibit of independent videogames in Estación Futuro proves that videogames are not just about aliens and fairies, guns and neatly stacked blocks. They are also about the human condition, and about the feelings and emotions shared by creators and players. This new proposal curated by Javier Candeira, shows how independent videogame creators represent the inner states of the human mind through games as Korsakovia, Mirror Stage, Windosill¸ Osmos, Handle with care and Devil’s Tuning Fork.

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27 June 2010, 12 pm - 2 pm

Avant Garden maintenance activities. Avant Garden has the qualities of a wild rose garden. It is a garden shared by visitors, creators, passers-by... and a place for co-existence and exchange, as well as for learning, enjoyment and rest. The workshops will be focused on investigating into the concept and philosophy of atelier le balto.

They are open to the general public. To take part, please be at Intermediae in Matadero Madrid ten minutes before 12. p.m. in order to sign up and receive the tools needed for the workshop. Limited number of participants.

The workshops will be carried out by Juan Manuel Rubiales, botanist and landscaping and gardening enthusiast.
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Arturo Dueñas
Friday 25 June, 7:30 p.m.

On Friday 25 June, director Arturo Dueñas will premiere his documentary film Aficionados at the Terrario at Intermediæ, as the final event in the series Cruzando los márgenes: gente de a pie que sube a los escenarios (Crossing Borders: Ordinary People on Stage).

Aficionados, 2010 (Spain). Fiction. Director: Arturo Dueñas. Running time: 115’. Spanish. Premiere.
Aficionados of life… because life is not for professional: an unusual librarian, a successful executive, an elementary school teacher, a single mother, an Italian cook, a computer programming specialist… meet weekly to cultivate their favourite hobby. Aficionados is an experimental film created collectively in which the (non-professional) actors were chosen first and they created their own characters.
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Third exhibit of independent video games at Estación Futuro (Future Station)
18 June 7:30 p.m.

On 18 June, at 7.30 p.m., Intermediae hosts the inauguration of Vida Interior (Inner Life), a new exhibit of independent videogames. Through this selection, Javier Candeira tells us that videogames are not just about aliens and fairies, guns and neatly stacked blocks. They are also about the human condition, and about the feelings and emotions shared by creators and players. This new proposal at Estación Futuro shows how independent videogame creators choose to represent the inner states of the human mind through games as Korsakovia (Thechineseroom), Mirror Stage (Stephen Lavelle/Increpare), Windosill (Patrick Smith)¸ Osmos (Eddy Boxerman and friends/Hemisphere games), Handle with care (Robert Yang) and Devil’s Tuning Fork (Team DGE/Bitshark Studio). Curated by Javier Candeira.


Open ArsGames / Mondopixel

Coinciding with the inauguration of Vida Interior (Inner Life), the ArsGames group and the MondoPixel publication offer a new meeting among professionals, artists and researchers in the practice of Game Art, research into Game Studies and Game Art Theory. On this occasion, Pilar Lacasa and Rut Martínez Borda will present Videojuegos como herramienta educativa (Video games as an educational tool) and Eduardo Millan from Undead Code Studios will give a talk titled De amateur a profesionales, evolución de un estudio independiente (From amateurs to professionals: the evolution of an independent study). Via streaming from this link.


Mika Martini Concert

Mika Martini will be closing this event from 9.30pm. Mika Martini is the personal project of Hugo Espinosa Chellew (Chile, 1967), electronic musician and founder of Pueblo Nuevo netlabel. Mika Martini presents his musical work, devoted to rescue sounds that come from the chilean ethnic cultural heritage and mix them with abstract elements, following microsampling techniques and minimal trends. He has also developed a parallel work related to experimental music and electronic improvisation.

In parallel to Vida interior (Inner Life), Espacio lanzadera (Launching Space) will be inaugurated, where you can play all the video games presented at Estación Futuro.

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Debajo del sombrero
From 11 June to 31 July

Franklin likes constructions that refer to something real and this year, he has worked on a TV table, making the first prototype. His table is anything but simple: it has large speakers with pipes for sound, wheels, extremely long wires and various structures precariously balanced on each other.
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Activity for children in the Arganzuela District carried out in collaboration with Adespro, the volunteer organization for social development and promotion
11 June 2010, from 3 – 4:30 p.m.

The idea of nendo dango
Masanobu Fukuoka developed the idea of using “nendo dango” as a method of natural agriculture*, that can be used to halt desertification*. This simple system consists of wrapping seeds in a layer of clay, preventing birds, rodents and other animals from eating them. They are protected until the rainy season comes, when the clay absorbs water and the seed uses the water to germinate*. These small balls with seeds can be used as grenades that bring some green back to unused spaces in cities*: vacant lots, empty flower beds, parks or playgrounds...

Origins of the city’s community gardens
In 1973, Liz Christy, an artist with a social conscience, along with a group of environmental activists known as “Green Guerrilla”, started planting seeds in empty balconies and lots in New York City, using the seed bomb or “nendo dango” technique. They discovered the huge potential in unused spaces in neighbourhoods, and in December of that year, they approached the city officially to find a legal way of using them as gardens.
Dozens of volunteers cleaned up debris, prepared the soil, set up fences and started to plant. Soon, workshops were offered in those gardens where various techniques for getting vegetation to grow in hostile conditions were practiced and learned. Gardens become a resource for the city, the idea spread, and other gardens were soon underway. In 1986, the garden where the initiative began was dedicated to the memory of its founder, Liz Christy.
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Carolina Caycedo
10 June starting at 10 p.m. | Until 25 July

Trae tu canción favorita (Bring Your Favourite Song) is an event artist Carolina Caycedo invites you to participate in on 10 June starting at 10 p.m. at an Open DJ Night. To take part, you just have to come with your mp3 player, iPod or mobile and share your music.

As a related activity, during June and July, Intermediae will present a documentary space and a programme of Carolina Caycedo’s prior work. These experiences recreate soundscapes of cities through their streets and people, through the close and special relationship the creator achieves based on her urban interventions in such diverse places as Bogotá, Kassel, Fortaleza and Madrid.

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As part of the 2nd International Medialabs Meeting, coordinated by Medialab-Prado
9 June, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Coinciding with the seminar-workshop Interactivos?'10: Ciencia de barrio (Neighbourhood Science), Medialab-Prado will host LABtoLAB, the 2nd International Medialabs Meeting. This European platform comprised of  Kitchen (Budapest), Constant (Brussels), Crealab (Nantes), A10lab (London) y Medialab-Prado (Madrid) joins other initiatives that aim to share experiences, study specific cases and explore the role of “medialabs” in production, knowledge exchange and collaborative learning.

This second LABtoLAB meeting will focus on studying three institutions, including Intermediae given its work in relation to its social and cultural context. This activity will be held at El Terrario at Intermediae.
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Jay Barros
Thursday 13 May, 6:30 p.m.

This proposal is part of the Free(k) Culture project (, coordinated by Jay Barros, that aims to foster a community of users and creators who use free tools and licences for creation, and to promote those productions through workshops, meetings, presentations, developing software, etc.

Since January, Freek Culture has called for musicians, artists, and creators who work with Copyleft licences and free tools to send their work to make a joint collection, publish it and distribute it. The result is a collection in DVD format with a clear message: “Here is an alternative to the SGAE, the private copying levy, and the consumer industry. This alternative DOES EXIST. You too can be a creator and here is the material to make it possible.”

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Lilo Mangelsdorff
Friday 28 May, 7.30 p.m.

A programme that regularly presents videos, documentaries and films related to our programming. This programme will be held as a film forum on the last Friday of each month, with an invitation following the screenings to dialogue and debate with creators.

DAMEN UND HERREN AB 65 (Ladies and Gentlemen over 65), 2002 (Germany). Documentary. Directed by: Lilo
Mangelsdorff. Running time: 70’. Dubbed into Spanish.

Presentation by Cecilia Pérez-Pradal.

They could have just stayed home enjoying their retirement. But instead, they answered a call that said: “Wanted: Ladies and gentlemen over 65”. Choreographer Pina Bausch and her company Wuppertal Tanztheater offered a new performance with her work Kontakthof (Contact Zone) in 2000 with 25 elderly amateurs chosen from a group of 150 people who
answered the call.