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Jay Barros

Thursday 19 November, 7:30 p.m.

Free(k) Culture aims to foster a community of users and creators who use free tools for creation, and to promote these productions via Free(k) Sessions. The sixth session of Free(k) Culture will be devoted to the visual arts. Chris Sugrue ( will present projects about interactivity in visual graphics based on OpenFrameWorks. Francesca Mereu ( Visions, a project about the generation of installations of interactive 3D holograms. Julien Charlon will discuss his experience on “analogue interactivity” projects organized for the creation of the free participatory MundoLavapies.

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April - December 2009

Archivalprocess /Procesos de archivo is a reflection on, and a set of artistic projects that explore the construction of an archive of Intermediae. How can we assemble, present and make available to the public, an archive of an institution conceived as process, and committed to participation?

Read the Archivalprocess blog

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Mario Opazo
Saturday 28 November, 6:30 p.m.

The Terrario's screenings are an audiovisual proposal that regularly presents videos, documentaries, and films related to the Intermediæ's programming. The next programme presents Amargo como la vida. This documentary offers a critical and poetic portrayal of the living conditions of Western Saharan refugees in camps in Algeria. Mario Opazo has been publicizing his work for the cause of the Saharawi people, a society that has spent over 35 years in exile, demanding the return of their land, the Western Sahara, invaded by Morocco. The artist visited the refugee camps in June 2008. Since his return to Latin America, he has been raising public awareness about the Saharawis’ situation. This documentary is one of the means used to publicize the RASD cause.
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Maite Alberdi and Israel Pimentel
Saturday 14 November, 6:30 p.m.

The Terrario's screenings are an audiovisual proposal that regularly presents videos, documentaries, and films related to the Intermediæ's programming. The next programme presents Las peluqueras. Ana Luisa lleva 60 años levantándose temprano para abrir la peluquería ubicada en el living de su casa. Tato lleva 40 años levantándose aún más temprano para ir al barrio Brasil y atender la peluquería de Ana Luisa. Peinados y cortes, es lo único que queda para ofrecer. La peluquería es su refugio en medio de un barrio que rejuveneció demasiado para los ojos de ellas. Entre quienes las visitan está Aurora, una sobrina, que le ofrece a Ana Luisa una oportunidad para tratar de reactivar el negocio.
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IN-SONORA V at Intermediæ / Ars Autómata + Space for Listening and Sound Videos
In-Sonora Platform / Alberto Bernal and Iván Ferrer
Inauguration 10 November, 7 p.m. From 10 – 29 November

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A project by Arsgames
Friday 6 November, 7:30 p.m.

These meetings, presentations, lectures and conversations with experts are about various aspects of video game studies: narratology, cognitive studies, representation theory and ludology. Mar Canet will present “Playing in times of crisis” and Javier Candeira will present “Gaming the System: How video games can teach us to design to virtuoso interactive systems". In addition, given the inauguration of Espacio, tiempo y emoción (Space, Time and Emotion), Javier Candeira will present this new Estación Futuro (Future Station) programme and the group addSensor will close with a concert.

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Ignacio Agüero

Saturday 7 November, 6:30 p.m.

The Terrario's screenings are an audiovisual proposal that regularly presents videos, documentaries, and films related to the Intermediæ's programming. The next programme presents Aquí se construye (o ya no existe el lugar en donde nací). The documentary records the passing of time in a space that is transformed in keeping with changes imposed by the market. In the film, a resident of a neighbourhood in the municipality of Providencia, in Santiago de Chile, observes and suffers the consequences of the demolition of the adjoining house and the construction (over the course of two years) of a building in that spot. As an epilogue, this resident notices that the light that comes in through the windows of his home is no longer the same as it was, that almost all of his neighbours have left, and that even the bird colonies have emigrated. All he can do is look up at the new residents who lean out on the balconies of the new building.

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Independent Video Games, curated by Javier Candeira

Friday 6 November, 8:30 p.m.

Espacio, Tiempo y Emoción (Space, Time and Emotion) is the title of Javier Candeira’s second programme for Estación Futuro (Future Station). This selection of six independent video games involves emotions such as love, loss, satisfaction, betrayal and deception, proving that the kinetic art of video games involves more than adrenaline-based emotions. 

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29, 30 and 31 October

On 29, 30 and 31 October, Intermediae is hosting the latest Moodle-Moot. Moodle-Moot 09 consists of a series of conferences, meetings and workshops about the Moodle distance teaching and learning platform. For the event, Intermediae is transforming into a space for sharing experiences about using Moodle at all educational levels and sectors, with over 400 participants including users, teachers and developers of the Moodle platform.
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18 October 8 p.m. / Free entrance until theatre is full

Premiere at Intermediae of the documentary stage play titled "Corte Arganzuela" by Cía. Puctum, whose work is about the transformations of the district and its neighbourhoods, through its residents' life stories. A play in which the actors are local residents of the Legazpi neighbourhood.