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April - December 2009

An ongoing research project focused on the memory of Matadero 

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Programme for Saturday May 9 at 18.30 p.m.

Relatos de la periferia / Tales of the margins
, 2003 (Argentina). Documentary. Jacobo Sucari. Running time 53’. Spanish with subtitles in English. Presented by the director Jacobo Sucari.

This visual essay offers a reflection on the changes taking place in the Delta de la Plata, Argentina, the second largest water basin on the planet, exploring the lifestyles of its inhabitants.

* The screenings are an audiovisual proposal that regularly presents videos, documentaries, and films related to the programming.
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25 de abril, 20.00 h

NIGHT SESSION is an screenings programme presented every two months at Intermediæ. A space for the exchange of ideas focusing on audiovisual creation.

[Next showing: 27 June, 2009]

POR AMOR AL ARTE (FOR ART'S SAKE). Guest curator María Morata
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Intermediæ is opening a new space to experience games and play and to research playful practices such as creative and critical activities. A geodesic dome based on the designs of Richard Buckminster Fuller has been turned into a permeable platform through which to explore the territories of games and play.
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16 de abril, 18.30 h

Organizado por Veterinarios Sin Fronteras en colaboración con GREENPEACE

Intermediae se suma a la Semana de acciones contra los transgénicos (13-18 de abril) acogiendo una propuesta de Veterinarios Sin Fronteras en colaboración con GREENPEACE. Una tarde de debate sobre las alternativas a la globalización agroalimentaria.

Con el estreno en España del documental El mundo según Monsanto, se introducirá un debate guiado por el Grupo Antitransgénicos de la Iniciativa por la Soberanía Alimentaria en Madrid (ISA Madrid).
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Programme for Saturday April 4 at 18.30 p.m.

Film and Food Sovereignty. With collaboration from Veterinarios Sin Fronteras.
Black Gold, 2006 (U.S.A. and U.K.) Documentary. Marc Francis and Nick Francis. Running time 78’.
English with Spanish subtitles. (
Download April programme

The second event in this Film Discussion Forum, which aims to raise awareness about the causes of hunger and social inequalities through the concept of food sovereignty and its relationship to human development. Over the course of three days, a forum for debate will be open on the future of food; the energy, climate and global crisis; and the role of citizens, nations and multinational corporations.

Ana Etchenique will be our guest. She holds a degree in Political Science from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, is Vice-Chairmen of the Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU) and a member of the Association for a Tax on Speculative Transactions for Aid to Citizens (ATTAC Madrid).
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Programme for Saturday March 28 at 18.30 p.m.

El barrio de las Islas, 2005 (Spain)
. Documentary. Daniel García-Pablos. Running time 85’.
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A crew arrives to shoot a fictional feature film in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Madrid. It becomes the centre of life in the neighbourhood during three months of intense shared everyday life. Gypsies and “payos” (non-Gypsies) of all ages lend character to an area full of vacant lots, shacks, and houses illegally occupied by squatters that is slated for a radical transformation as the city sprawls outward.
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Sunday March 29 / April 19 / May 31 from 12.00 p.m. to 2 .00 p.m.

Avant Garden Spring maintenance

To build a garden is to undertake a never-ending process. It is the way in which each one of us perceives and experiences the garden that which lends it its shape.

In November 2007 atelier le balto ( built Avant Garden, a garden located between the Paseo de la Chopera and Matadero Madrid building which houses Intermediae. Avant Garden has the qualities of a wild rose garden. It is a garden shared by visitors, creators, passers-by... and a place for co-existence and exchange, as well as for learning, enjoyment and rest.

The arrival of Spring marks the beginning of new season of garden maintenance activities at this extraordinary place.

Sunday March 29 · Playing with seeds
Sunday April 19 · Discovering roses
Sunday May 31 · Wild plants and garden plants