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Programme for Saturday 24 January at 18.30 pm

Oficios que desaparecen, 2006 (Argentina). Documentary. Silvina Pérez and Celeste Iachini. Running time 47’

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This film by the DocSUR documentary collective tells the three stories of people who do not know each other, but they all take place in the large metropolis of Buenos Aires. It also examines the notion of “progress” in terms of the city’s historical evolution. A cinema projectionist, a watchmaker and a family of hatters have something in common: their meticulous manual labour, making a living as artisans, a desire to keep their trade from disappearing and for their undeniable vocation to carry on from generation to generation. A major part of a neighbourhood’s identity is based on the trades carried out there. Small shops trace the geography of a fragment of the city, places where people meet and share their lives as they fix watches or repair shoes. Oficios que desaparecen (Vanishing Trades) is part of the documenta Trabajo (Documenting Work) series, held in co-production with the Instituto de Medios at the Universidad Nacional de La Matanza.
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Matadero Madrid calls for applications for the international creators mobility grants to further studies and research, or to carry out, produce and develop creative projects abroad.

Information and databases available at

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Over the course of the first trimester of 2009 work has been done to repair the garden's facade. The Avant Garden activities will most certainly be resumed this spring: their exact dates are due to be announced through the Intermediae website and in the news bulletin (subscribirse).
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Programme for Saturday 17 January at 18.30 pm

Arna’s Children
, 2004 (Israel, Palestina, Holanda). Documental. Juliano Mer Khamis y Danniel Danniel. Duración 84’. Árabe, hebreo e inglés, con subtítulos en castellano.

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Arna’s Children is the story of a theatre group founded by Arna Mer Khamis in the West Bank, an initiative that led to the creation of an alternative educational system for a generation of children, whose lives have been continually disturbed by the Israeli occupation. The theatre group began its work with the children of Jenin (in Western Palestine or Cisjordan), helping them to express their everyday frustration, anger, bitterness and fear. Juliano, Arna’s son, the director of the documentary, also had the experience of directing the theatre group in Jenin. Juliano filmed the children during rehearsals from 1989 to 1996.
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Programme for Saturday 10 January, at 6.30 p.m.

Las Palmas (Nouakchott), 2007 (Spain). Documentary. Daniel Quiñones. Running time 40’. Arabic, French and Spanish, with Spanish subtitles.
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The new neighbourhood wrested from the desert in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, is unofficially called “Las Palmas”. That is where the country’s most affluent classes live and build their homes. The architectural style is reminiscent of buildings in Las Palmas on the island of Gran Canaria and many other places along the coast of Spain. This pretext serves to explore the relation between Mauritania and other countries in West Africa, and the Canary Islands, particularly Las Palmas.

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Programme for Saturday 27 December at 18.30 pm
Series ... Como niños (...Like Children) VI

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El viaje de Said, and 4 other shorts!

This special programme for children brings to a close the “...Like Children” series, which Intermediæ has been hosting since May 2008. It is a space for children and adults to meet through pieces whose languages overcome generational barriers and that portray a world that concerns everyone, irrespective of age. Subjects such as education, imitation, our relationship with our environment, the transmission of values, interpersonal relations and relations between educators and parents will serve as ways to bring into question children’s and adults’ reactions in the complex environment in which they interact.
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Saturday December 20, 6.30 p.m.

Ciclo Avenida Paraíso V
Life in Loops, 2006 (Austria). Timo Novotny. Running time 79’. English, Hindi, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, with English subtitles.
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In this experimental documentary filmed in a style much like music videos, Timo Novotny takes part of the original material in the film Megacities (1997) by Austrian director Michael Glawogger and adds his own images captured in some of the world’s big cities, such as New York, Tokyo, Mumbai (formerly Bombay), Mexico City and Moscow.
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Programme for Saturday December 13, 6.30 p.m.

Nömadak tx, 2006 (Spain). Documentary. Raúl de la Fuente. Running time 86’. Basque, Spanish, English, Hindi, Mongolian, Arabe, Gujarat and Sami with Spanish subtitles.

Sound arises out of movement. An authentic musician should move around, should travel. And then he or she will find new sounds. Nomadak Tx tells the story of two musicians on the move. Harkaitz Martínez and Igor Otxoa. They travel with their txalaparta, a unique musical instrument played by two people. They go to India, Lapland, the Sahara Desert and Mongolia, making a fusion of their music with that of remote nomadic peoples. They cross ice and sand deserts, ride horses through the mountains of Mongolia, travel by train to the West of India... in search of sounds. And they find them, among other peoples, other landscapes, other cultures.
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Until March 8
Blog Alter Polis
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Intermediæ / Matadero presents the results from the “urban research laboratory” comprised of architects, critics and researchers of other possible cities. Eight proposals for an Utopian city that may been seen at Intermediae until February 22, 2009.

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May 2008 - January 2009
Blog Alter Polis
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The eight teams that are participating in Alter Polis have eleven days to produce a scale model (or representation) that is to formally represent their proposal as a response to the assignment created by the critics. Each team, once the established work period is over, will explain their proposal in a public presentation. As part of this stage of the project an open work session is being prepared by the name of Conversations, in which the participating teams hold a conversation with a guest theoretician who will direct the conference two Wednsdays every month.