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Wednesday 12 November, 6.30 p.m.
Blog Alter Polis
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Félix Duque. The inhuman cliché of a Utopian, humanist city.
During the last century, a fascinating mass product emerged from the techno-political “factories” which industrial societies have become: “objective man”, homo humanus. In addition, during this first decade of the 21st century, the producer, the product and the consumer are one and the same, and coincide in the same place: the City (or better: Mépolis, the No-City). His aseptic cleanliness, neo-functional geometry, and global compartmentalization are the result of the “scientific instinct”, which started by creating the mirror-man: for, as opposed to a reflexive man, a scientist’s ideal would be to become the faithful reflection of all that exists, leaving out almost nothing. No one knows what something might be worth some day, so things must be stored: classified, registered, filed; in sum, everything must be measured according to the laws and conventions of the Market (the topos encouraging today’s Utopias).

José Vidal Saavedra presents an overview of various demolition systems as well as the techniques used currently which explore and develop ways of recovering built urban spaces saturated with architectural structures.
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Organized by colectivo Mnemocine (
Creativity arts grants programme 2007
Thursday 13 November at 7 p.m.

Presentation and screening of Queremos el cielo, an audiovisual work about public space by participants in the dia-Logos workshop titled “Audiovisual pieces as a means of social intervention” given by the Mnemocine group during the 2007-2008 academic year. A look at various neighbourhoods in Madrid to see how public space is constructed, conceived, and experienced.

dia-Logos is a Laboratory of workshops including spaces for training (workshops and meetings), communication (the Internet), and making collective audiovisual pieces.

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Programme for Saturday 8 November at 18.30 pm

Carabanchel, un barrio de cine (Carabanchel, a cinematic neighbourhood), 2007 (Spain). Documentary. Juan Carlos Zambrana (Director) and Rafael Nieto Jiménez (Producer). Running time 15’.
Download the complete programme of November

Presentation by the director and producer of the film.
In December of 2005, “Cinema España” closed its doors, the last movie theatre still open in the Carabanchel neighbourhood of Madrid. The old theatres fell prey to this new era, where people’s free time is devoted to television, the Internet, videos and multiplex cinemas. Through the nostalgic memories of people who used to sit in the seats of those theatres, the documentary creates a portrait of times in the life of the neighbourhood when those modest theatres played a social function in the life of the community. Awards garnered by the film include the Best Documentary Short Film Award at the 2008 Goya Awards.
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Friday 7 November 2008, from 8 pm

Creativity arts grants programme 2008

CUE is a space for spontaneous expression and interdisciplinary improvisation; a space for creation and exhibition open to participation by all without the filter of a curator, where all forms of artistic expression and practices are welcome. This space will be open the first Friday of each month at the Intermediæ buildings.

CUE has a space equipped with technical media available to participants (400 m2, amplification, video projectors, video cameras, audio channels, DVD players and a few other surprises). Participants are invited to bring what they choose: musical instruments, cameras, recorders, brushes, costumes, objects, etc.
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: Bridge over the Wadi

Programme for Saturday 25 October at 18.30 pm
Series ... Como niños V (...Like children V)
This series offers a reflection on the role of children in the world of adults and vice versa.
Bridge over the Wadi, 2006 (Israel). Barak y Tomer Heymann. Duración 55’. V.O. en inglés, subtítulos en castellano.
Download programme of October
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Blog Alter Polis
Proposal presentation by Ecosistema urbano: La ciudad campo de juegos
From 13 to 23 October, they are working at Intermediæ. Presentations Friday 24 October at 7.00 p.m.
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The eight work teams at Alter Polis have eleven days to prepare a scale model (or representation) that gives shape to their proposal, in response to what the critics have commissioned. Upon completion of the work period, each team will explain its proposal at a public presentation at Intermediæ.

Friday 24 October at 7.00 p.m. Proposal presentation by Ecosistema urbano: La ciudad campo de juegos.
From 13 to 23 October, they are working at Intermediæ.

A city is an ecosystem where contact, exchange and communication take place among persons, groups and institutions.

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Utopía a pequeña escala. El caso de Coin Street.
Wednesday 15 October, 6:30 p.m.
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Can a handful of neighbours prevent their neighbourhood from becoming a new City, where the streets are deserted after 5 p.m.? The answer, as the story of Coin Street has shown, is yes, provided that local residents dare to take charge of the promotion, proposing a mixture of uses that helps to offset the deficiencies of the neighbourhood, combining volunteers with business organizations, community aid with resource management, and good architecture with integration into the environment. Coin Street, a small street in London’s South Bank, is the name of the residents’ association that managed to change the neighbourhood’s destiny. Condemned to become a sad clump of offices in the early 1970s, today it is at the heart of one of the most vital areas of the city.
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Programme for Saturday 11 y 18 October at 8.00 pm

Trailler Itinerarios del sonido (Itineraries of sound)

Series devoted to the IN-SONORA Festival
On the occasion of the festival two audiovisual screening sessions will be presented in collaboration with the sonorous artist and musicologist Miguel Alvarez-Fernandez.

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16 October at 7.00 p.m.

Presentation and participatory action by Amy Franchescini (Futurefarmers

Victory Gardens is a pilot project promoted by the City of San Francisco to facilitate the transformation of backyard, front yard, window boxes, rooftops and unused land into organic food production areas. The San Francisco Victory Gardens programme arose from the success of Victory Gardens programmes during World Wars I and II, and redefines “Victory” in the overwhelming context of urban sustainability.

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Programme for Saturday 4 October at 6:30 pm

Series ...Avenida Paradise III (Paradise Avenue III)
Download programme of October
* Videostill from Trip

This series presents different approaches in film and video to a concept of the city crossed from a Utopian outlook.

Benidorm, 2006 (Germany). Carolin Schmitz. Running time 19’. Without dialogue.
Under Construction, 2007 (France/China). Zhenchen Liu. Running time 9´55”. Without dialogue.
Trip, 2006 (Romania/Netherlands). Calin Dan. Running time 15´. Without dialogue.
Prototipo de vivienda en país petrolero, 2004 (Venezuela). Alexander Apóstol. Running time 1´30”. Without dialogue.
Now Wait for Last Year, 2007 (United Kingdom). Rachel Reupke. Running time 9’. Without dialogue.