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1 — 21 June 2008

During each season of the year, a specific intervention is carried out at Avant Garden. “The Green Thumbs Club” is what artist Lisa Cheung is offering this summer. The work of these artists invites collective participation and construction. All plant lovers are invited to contribute a valued plant or delicious vegetable to turn Avant Garden into a “hanging garden”.

“Green thumbs” is an English expression used to refer to those who have a special ability and interest for taking care of plants. From Wednesday the 17th of June until the 20th of June, the artist Lisa Cheung will hit the streets and squares near Matadero with a small mobile atelier equipped with soil, flowerpots, flowers, plants, seeds and garden tools. A travelling workshop that will circulate the public spaces with the aim of planting ideas, dreams, flowers, plants and wishes to collaborate in the construction of a hanging garden at Avant Garden, Matadero from Wednesday to Friday.

The mobile workshop will be found in the neighbourhood area surrounding Intermediae Matadero, from Wednesday to Friday.
All “green thumbs” can bring their plant until the 21st of June and hand it over to Intermediae Matadero everyday from 11 am to 9 pm, and on Sundays or holidays from 11 am to 3 pm.

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Programme for Saturday 31 May at 6:30 pm

Series El jardín y sus delicias (The Garden and Its Delights) (II)

Continuation of the series The Garden and Its Delights curated by Maria Morata, with screenings of videos by artists Simone Häckel, Milena Gierke, Isabell Spengler and Daniel Adams.

Videostill of Lantouy, Isabell Spengler, Daniel Adams
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Programme for Saturday 24 May at 6:30 pm

Series El jardín y sus delicias (The Garden and Its Delights) (I)
Curated by Maria Morata

Beginning of a series including several artists’ approaches to the classical dichotomy between the natural and the artificial, and between nature and culture. Videos by artists Chan-Sook Choi, Detel Aurand & Ute Aurand, Linda Mauler, Karø Goldt, Ute Aurand & Bärbel Freund, Sebastián Hudert and Effie Wu.
Presentation by María Morata.

* Videostill Fadenspiele 2, Detel Aurand, Ute Aurand

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Friday 22 May 2008, 5.30 pm
Broadcast via streaming:

Alter Polis brings eight teams of young architects together to build eight scale models which will lend visibility to an exercise in which a Utopian city will be imagined and planned, based on a set of humanist presuppositions.

The first Alter Polis meeting held with the public will present a conversation between critics and the architects taking part in the project, with architect Arturo Franco, the curator of the project, as moderator.

The meeting will provide a public forum for a group of four critics and researchers with principles based on a humanist concept of culture. They will explore the ways those values can serve today as a source of reinterpretation and appropriation for building a city. A humanist outlook in pursuit of Utopia could aid in understanding the process through which cities arise from the knowledge of their inhabitants and also contribute critical knowledge translated into energy for change.

Using the ideas arising in this first Alter Polis meeting as a reference, a document will be prepared with the budgets the teams of architects should use to work on their respective scale models and personal visions of a Utopian city until December 2008.

The meetings are broadcast via streaming:

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Programme for Saturday 17 May at 6:30 pm

El otro lado... Un acercamiento a Lavapiés, 2002 (Madrid)
Basel Ramsis. Documentary. Running time 111'

Documentary that takes a look at the largest immigrant groups that live in the Lavapiés area of Madrid: Chinese, Latin Americans, Arabs, Bengals and South Saharian Africans. The aim is to approach and face a physical and social space seen through the immigrants own eyes, acknowledging the importance which the different levels of relationships have in the space and how the space represents the lives of the immigrants and all their efforts to claim their rights.

Basel Ramsis, the director of this independent work produced with a modest budget, roams the streets of Lavapiés observing its history and stories in a journey seen throught the eyes of its inhabitants. By means of collecting personal statements and observing the protagonists and their corresponding attitudes, the documentary aims to reflect on the mixed races, the constitution of the urban ghetto, racism, intolerance, the immigrants' struggles, the daily conflicts, foreign laws and the both Spain's and Europe's policies regarding immigration.

Basel Ramsis (Born in Cairo in 1973). Filmmaker and film producer. He studied Film in Cairo and Madrid. He has made and produced several documentaries – some for television-, fiction short films, video-art, and the feature-length documentary films: El otro lado... Un acercamiento a Lavapiés, 2002 (Dayra Arts) and Columpios, 2007 (Darya Arts). He has led courses, workshops, and conferences on documentary films, Egyptian cinema, and films on immigration, at various universities in Spain and other countries. At present, he heads Dayra Arts, a company engaged in independent, low-budget films in the Mediterranean area. He teaches in a documentary diploma course, the Diplomatura de Documentales, at NIC-Instituto del Cine de Madrid, and periodically at other schools. He is the coordinator of the Low-Budget Documentary Workshop and has been a jury member at various film festivals. He is the commissioner of the Panorama de Documental Árabe Contemporáneo. He is in post-production on the feature-length documentary film, Beirut… Beirut.
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Friday 16 May 2008

The aim of this meeting is to research the importance of play in a child's education, the possibility to redefine the form, the way and the place which it holds in society, as well as how one can contribute to such a process by means of contemporary creation.


5:30 pm: Screening of the videos shot during the sessions testing the interactive play: Hybrid Playground (Building 1 at Intermediæ).

6 pm: Screening of the documentary Where Do the Children Play?. Directed by Christopher M. Cook. Produced by Michigan Television and Metrocom International (Terrario de Intermediæ).

7 pm: Panel discussion : Laura Méndez Zaballos, Clara Boj / Diego Díaz and Rafael Sánchez (at the Terrario at Intermediæ).
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With collaboration of Martín Nadal
11 September 2007 – 16 May 2008

Hybrid Playground is about the integration of tools and strategies for physical and video games on playgrounds. It is based on the concept of a “hybrid city”, meaning the result of the transformation of current models of perception and experience of cities due to the effect of integating technological systems into public space.

The project aims to transform children's city playgrounds into settings for interactive audiovisual games, settings that foster the development of physical-digital play experiences and that promote collaborative interactions among users. The devices to be set up change urban games into audiovisual interfaces that make it possible to develop play strategies that are similar to videogames.
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The curator of the project ALTER POLIS, Arturo Franco, would like to emphasize the high level of the groups to be presented, and at the same time, thank everyone for their participation and involvement.
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Programme for Saturday 10 May at 6:30 pm

A ras del suelo, 2006 (Madrid)
Alberto García Ortiz, Agatha Maciaszek. Documentary. Running time 93'

Filmed over the course of three years, this documentary offers a window onto the everyday life of the residents of Madrid’s Lavapiés neighbourhood, immersed in a process of rehabilitation that affects the people who live there. The story flows through the streets of the neighbourhood where protests are held by residents against local authorities, and everyday encounters between different people are filmed from down below, at the street level. The majority of the conversations focus on their relationship with politicians who ignore the needs of a neighbourhood in a state of abandonment. There are also moments of reflections on subjects of a transcendental nature such as life, the past, and memories of the neighbourhood and its residents. 
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Alberto García Ortiz and Agatha Maciaszek
Tuesday 13 May 2008 at 6.30 p.m.

Encuentros is part of the dia-Logos workshop given by Colectivo Mnemocine. Creators are invited to share their experience with workshop members and with anyone else who wants to take part.

As guests at the fourth of these meetings, on Tuesday 13 May 2008, Alberto García Ortiz y Agatha Maciaszek.