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Creativity arts grants programme 2008
Opening 9 May 2008, from 8 pm
The first Friday of each month

CUE is a space for spontaneous expression and interdisciplinary improvisation; a space for creation and exhibition open to participation by all without the filter of a curator, where all forms of artistic expression and practices are welcome. This space will be open the first Friday of each month at the Intermediæ buildings.

CUE has a space equipped with technical media available to participants (400 m2, amplification, video projectors, video cameras, audio channels, DVD players and a few other surprises). Participants are invited to bring what they choose: musical instruments, cameras, recorders, brushes, costumes, objects, etc. each month different collaborators will create a different scene.
CUE is everything that happens in that space during the event. Participants will delve into a process of plural simultaneous creation were different disciplines like dance, music, theater, video art, stage design, or games will dialogue with each other during their production process based on the premise of improvisation.

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Programme for Saturday 3 May at 6:30 pm

Series …Como niños (Like Children)
Curated by María Morata

Beginning of a series of works exploring different aspects of the positions of children in the world of adults and vice versa.
Vídeos by artists Annika Ström, Lili Kuschel & Anna Fiedler and Simone Häckel.
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Programme for Saturday 26 Abril at 6:30 pm
¿Qué tienes debajo del sombrero?, 2006 (Oackland, California)
Foundation Debajo del sombrero. Documentaries. Running time 75'

26 y 27 de abril
Intervención //Al Matadero sin miedo//
Foundation Colectivo Debajo del Sombrero
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Programme for Saturday 19 Abril at 6:30 pm

Noticiero Intercultural "Resistencias urbanas", 2005 (Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Belgium, France, Brazil, Bolivia)
Un futuro de cuidado, 2007 (Madrid)
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May — December 2008

Alter polis seeks to join different humanist themes with the purpose of creating an utopian city. In order to do so, it is necessary the collaboration of critics, thinkers and eight groups of young architects.

Alter polis will be developed in various phases. The project begins in May, with a meeting open to the public in which the guidelines for specific jobs will be discussed and defined, and will be concluded in December, when the ideas elaborated upon over a six month work period will be formalized by eight large models.

Meetings, public presentations and the very work space located in the industrial buildings belonging to Intermediae, will allow anyone to observe the project's evolution and the different proposals of made by the groups of architects.

Information regarding the participation requisites, download PDF.

Publication of the groups of architects selected

22.05.09: Alter Polis begins with a meeting between critics, thinkers and architects
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Programme for Saturday 12 April at 6:30 pm

Sin trabajo en el barrio
, 2006 (Argentina)
Colectivo DocSUR. Mariela Forto and Verónica Cáceres. Documentary. Running time 42'. Premier in Spain

Because of the occupational crisis that started a few years ago, movements off unemployed people raised all over the country. They were identified more for their way of fighting known as “Piketera”. Large numbers of Piketeros receive money from the government. But in La Juanita neighborhood, district of La Matanza, there is a MTD (Movement of Unemployed people) that doesn’t take any money from the estate aid plans. They define themselves as anti-capitalist, and they blame the world economy system for the unemployed problem.
Throughout the histories off Jorge, Margarita and Oscar, we will discover their way of farming, making food and clothes. At the same time they run a kinder garden for the kids of the neighborhood.
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9 — 30 April 2008

Screening of the documentary The Century of the Self, by Adam Curtis. In this four-episode documentary series produced by the British BBC, Adam Curtis dissects the influence of mass psychology in propaganda and creating consumer society. This work analyses the diverse manipulation mechanisms used in contemporary societies by those in power.

The Century of the Self (2002) London
Adam Curtis. Documentary. (60 minutes length each episode)

Wednesday 9 April, 7:30 p.m.: Episode 1: Happiness Machines

Wednesday 16 April, 7:30 p.m.: Episode 2: The Engineering of Consent

Wednesday 23 April, 7:30 p.m.: Episode 3: There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads: He Must Be Destroyed

Wednesday 30 April, 7:30 p.m.: Episode 4: Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering

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10 April29 May

New to the list of activities carried out by Intermediae are the proposals of creators and cultural agents, which are currently channeled through the Intermediae modality by the program of Aid for the Contemporary Creation of Matadero Madrid. The different projects selected during the last call will be presented from the 10th of April until the 29th of May.

Thursday 10 April, 7:30 pm

Thursday 17 April, 7:30 pm LUDOTEK: PUER_atelier.estudios_PUER

Thursday, 8 May, 7:30 pm
IN-SONORA, Sound and Interactive Art Festival

Friday, 23 May
, 22.00 pm Party - Rap Sesiones, SCCPP Bordergames Legazpi

Thursday, 29 May, 7:30 pm
dia-Logos network - Mnemocine
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Programme for Saturday 5 April at 6:30 pm

Fortaleza Mix, 2002 (Brasil)
Colectivo Cambalache. Documentary. Running time 52'

Documentary “Fortaleza Mix” which comprises a set of open mike street sessions by Colectivo Cambalache in the city of Fortaleza, capital of the Ceará state in northeastern Brazil.
During their stay in Fortaleza, and while they were carrying out their public intervention in the streets as a way to gain knowledge about the city through music, the members of Cambalache met Joao, a local resident with a portable sound system. For a week, the group joined Joao Motorista, going around the city with a portable karaoke set-up, in search of spontaneous artists. Passersby were offered a mike and the chance to sing their favourite songs, songs that are mainly part of the Brazilian popular music scene. As in other projects by Cambalache, music becomes the main thread of the piece. People’s voices serve as a guide moving through urban space: an itinerary from the city centre to the beach and neighbourhoods on the city outskirts. In this video, Cambalache presents an unusual urban vision and shows a city built not only of physical and natural elements but primarily of its inhabitants’ tastes. The project documented in this video was carried out during the I Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo de las Américas in Ceará.
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Programme for Saturday 29 March at 6:30 pm

M.A.D.R.I.D28045. Arte en el espacio urbano (M.A.D.R.I.D. 28045: Art in Urban Space), 2007 (Madrid)
MCecilia Barriga. Documentary. Running time 33’

Documentary about the M.A.D.R.I.D 28045. Art in Urban Space ( experience, which took place from 23 March to 20 April 2007. The project’s aim was to explore new models of (re)presenting art works and processes, and it involved citizens in participatory artistic experiences. The documentary brings together the development of the artistic interventions, the collaborative atmosphere of the project, and statements from its artists, presenters, and participants.