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Meeting with teachers, work session on the publication titled La intención (The Intention)
Thursday 27 March from 6 to 8 p.m.

Presentation of the publication La intención (The Intention) open session
Saturday 29 March from 12 to 2 p.m.

The publication of La intención (The Intention) constitutes an autonomous work meant to be used in the context of secondary education, the university, and education at artistic institutions. Its non-academic approach provides a way for groups mediated by educators to receive, reflect and debate, as well as produce work along with their students.
The work includes theoretical material for research and the practice of artistic education and a DVD combining four audiovisual works exhibited in the space for their pedagogical use.

Marta and Publio propose two meetings to present the publication titled La intención:

[Meeting with teachers]
Work session specifically for secondary education teachers on the use of the publication in various subjects of the official curriculum.

[Presentation of the publication of La intención]
Open session to present the publication to all interested persons.

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Programme for Saturday 22 March at 6:30 pm

La imaginación radical (carnavales de resistencia), (The Radical Imagination [Carnivals of Resistance]) 2004 (Shedhalle, Zurich)
Marcelo Expósito. Documentary. Running time 60’

This video is the second in the Entre sueños (Between Dreams) series by Marcelo Expósito. Here, the author recovers the experience of the group “Reclaim the Streets”, one of the keystones in constructing new forms of politics in the 1990s through their radical and creative ways of occupying "public" space in London and other British cities. The documentary focuses on the occupation that paralyzed The City, London’s financial centre, in one of the main actions of The Global Carnival against Capital held on 18 June 1999. This video is based on the view that the carnavalesque type of political action of the street parties organized by Reclaim the Streets foreshadowed subsequent forms of anti-capitalist protests.

Masks, music, and the body are essential ingredients in carnavalesque protests. The video explores the difficulty of documenting a protest with multiple activities occurring simultaneously, its many different branches and action fronts breaking with traditional types of demonstrations. Marcelo Expósito manages to portray them by fragmenting the screen and using non-linear types of narration, combining interviews, music (Glenn Gould, Schöenberg, electronic sounds), texts (Mijaíl Bajtín, William Morris), and various archive materials, ranging from cinema to painting.
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Programme for Saturday 15 March at 6:30 pm

Precarias a la deriva: a la deriva por los circuitos de la precariedad (Women set adrift with precarious employment : Adrift in the circuits of precarious employment), 2004 (Madrid).
Precarias a la deriva (Women set adrift with precarious employment). Documentary. Running time 50’

Escalera Karakola, aware that the nature of productive processes within the new labour environment has shifted radically toward placing an increasing value on immaterial work, did not stop work during the General Strike declared by trade unions on 20 June 2002. Instead, they decided to turn the usual picket into a picket-survey: Who had been asked to go on strike? Who did they have in mind? Was there even a minimal show of interest on the part of the unions as to the actual conditions experienced by those who worked in precarious situations, immigrants, and housewives? Did the strike halt the productive process of women working as domestic employees, translators, designers, or programmers, all those self-employed women who would have twice as much work the next day if they joined in the strike? This small, contained shared outline of a research project was the start of las derivas (women adrift). The video portrays a tapestry of narratives, reports, interviews, and conceptualizations that theorize about what las derivas have made visible.

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Creativity arts grants programme 2007
Blog SinAntena
12, 13 and 14 March 2008, from 6 to 9 pm

After a year's work, the SinAntena group has finished its MPtv (Portable TV Module). It is a stand-alone device that can transmit live video and sound, enabling the production of television programmes in any public space. The video and audio signal is streamed to the Internet, using free software tools, via a wireless or DSL connection. The module was conceived of and manufactured by the members of the group, using domestic materials, and digital technology that can be found in everyday settings. From the start, one of the fundamental objectives of the project was to share the experience of building the module and for other interested persons to be able to replicate and improve the MPtv ("the case", the portable TV case).

That is why, on 12, 13 and 14 March, SinAntenta is presenting the MPtv in an open workshop (no prior registration necessary) for all interested persons to come and see how the module was made. It will be a practical workshop, open to participation and discussion.

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Programme for Saturday 8 March at 6:30 pm

Calle Leganés, por ejemplo, 2007 (Madrid); Buscando Barataria, 2005 (Castilla La Mancha); Diseño de sobra, 2008 (Madrid)
Zaunka. Documentary. Running time: 17’, 33’ and 11’ respectively

Zaunka is an artistic/documentary project directed by photographer Daniel Castillo and photographer and audiovisual producer Enrique Corrales, with specific contributions by many others. Zaunka is a documentary film project defined as an attempt to explore the complexity of current socio-political mechanisms. From an aesthetic point of view, it aims to offer images reflecting certain realities in contemporary culture.
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Programme for Saturday 1 MArch at 6:30 pm

Agua, 2006 (Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, France)
International Neighbourhood News Bulletin, Water. Documentary. Running time 33’

Bajo el asfalto está la huerta (BAH), 2006 (Madrid – Perales)
International Neighbourhood News Bulletin Resistencias urbanas. Short documentary. Running time 7'

Las Awichas, 2005 (La Paz, Bolivia)
International Neighbourhood News Bulletin Organizaciones de mujeres. Short documentary. Running time 6'

The International Neighbourhood News Bulletin -Noticiero Internacional de Barrio (NIB)- is an alternative voluntary organization project for local communication by the Association for Cooperation with the South - Asociación para la cooperación con el Sur (ACSUR)-Las Segovias
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From 6 to 8 March
6 and 7 March 16.00-19.00 h
8 March 11.00-14.00 h

For everyone
Given by atelier le balto (
The call for workshops is close

The Avant Garden organizes its activities quarterly, coinciding with the four seasons of the year.

Avant Garden is the place where a shared learning experience is taking place: building an urban garden. This spring, an on-going activity
scheduled two Sundays per month
offers the chance to learn about and practice the care required to create and maintain a garden.
In addition, each season, creators, activists, researchers, gardening experts, landscape gardeners, etc. will be invited to take part
through specific interventions.
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La intención (The Intention), 2008. A project about education and for audiovisual literacy
From 29 Frebuary to 13 April 2008

Opening Friday 29 February at 7:30 p.m.

Blog La intención

La intención (The Intention), is an artistic and didactic project about education and for audiovisual literacy.
From the standpoint of educational action and cultural production, this work calls for a conscious, demanding existence which, against all odds and in times like these, urges the creation of a collective imagination enabling us to build a better world.
This position means that experiences must be made possible that foster active receptive habits, and provide the necessary tools and distance to create different images and decode prevailing audiovisual media, which have become the primary system for ideological representation standardizing injustice, inequality, and inaction.
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Basel Ramsis
Thursday 28 February at 6.30 p.m.

Encuentros is part of the dia-Logos workshop given by Colectivo Mnemocine. Creators are invited to share their experience with workshop members and with anyone else who wants to take part.

As a guest at the second of these meetings, on Thursday 28 February, Basel Ramsis will speak to us about:

1. The situation of documentary films in the Arab world today.
2. An overview of the history of documentaries in the Arab world.
3. New generations of Arab documentary filmmakers, new styles, outlooks, and ways of approaching reality.
4. The socio-political situation in the Arab world today and its effect on documentaries. The difficulties faced by the creators of documentaries in this area.

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Programme for Saturday 23 February. Shown continuously, starting at 5:30 pm

Taró, 2006 (Tarifa – Tanger); Shuiya Shuiya, 2006 (Tarifa – Tanger)
Colectivo Mnemocine. Documentary. Running times: 25’ and 32’ respectively