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Audio-visuals as tools for socio-educational intervention

dia-Logos is a laboratory of workshops comprising educational activities (workshops and gatherings), communication (the Internet), and making collective audio-visual pieces.

Organized and given by COLECTIVO MNEMOCINE (
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* Notes from the fifth session of Utopías, Friday 21 September.

A shared artistic territory among the artists, the institution, and their contexts is still in the process of being created. The process seems to be at a stage where it cannot overcome the traditional method of working in which the institution commissions a work and the artists work on it in their studios, although all concerned want to reach an agreement. Given that the institution had several months to work on preparing the Utopías project before the artists arrived, they have asked for more time to work together and establish a working relationship with each other.
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Intermediæ is taking part in “White Night” (Noche en Blanco) on 22 September and will be open from 9 pm until 7 am to display the state of progress of the Utopías project.
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* Notes from the third and fourth session of Utopías, 18 and 19 September.

As reported in News from Nowhere Part 2, a change in the initial methodology for the project was suggested in order to spend more time getting to know and analysing each artist’s work. The purpose is to find common points of reference as a starting point for the collective creation of the Utopías project. Each artist offers a detailed explanation to his or her peers of the concepts, strategies, and objectives used in his or her work.
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The library offers a collection of 120 volumes that approach the concept of Utopia from a variety of angles and genres. It also contains 24 books that analyze contemporary reality from the perspective of different disciplines. The books are to be found at "El Terrario de Intermediæ” and are available for reading on-site.

A section on gardening has been added with books about the subject viewed from different fields like architecture, art, history, or socially.

With the collaboration of Pedro Aullón, Fernando García Dory, atelier le balto, José Otero, Paola Mussano, Michela Pasquali and Raquel Tejada.
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* Notes from the second session of Utopías, Friday 14 September.

One of the initial methodological approaches being used to develop the Utopías project consists of analysing the subjects presented in the daily lectures given by each specialist. This session was based on the concepts Néstor García Canclini covered in his presentation on Tuesday 11 September: Migrations and the Future of Intercultural Relations.
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Notes on joint reflections by the participants in the Utopías project. News from Nowhere takes its name from the classic work in Utopian literature written by William Morris in 1890.

* Notes from the first session of Utopías, Tuesday 11 September.
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Utopías brings together thinkers and artists from different creative fields to work on Utopian themes and new ways of reinterpreting reality. The project will begin by creating a map of current reality through the presentations, lectures, debates, and encounters scheduled in September. This analysis will be approached from disciplines including economics, science, art, philosophy, and sociology, through reflections on today's world order by: David Casacuberta, Ramón Fernández Durán, Néstor García Canclini, Brian Holmes, Charity Scribner, Antonio Lafuente, and Derrick de Kerckhove.
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Natalie Boockchin, Santiago Cirugeda, Diego Díaz and Clara Boj, Luis o Miguel, and Nils Norman are the artists Intermediæ has invited to build a shared Utopian vision.
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INTERMEDIÆ is organising a project exploring how we understand and imagine Utopias from September to December 2007. A group of creators will work together on Utopian matters and ways of reinterpreting reality. The concept of Utopia will serve as a reciprocal reference point, given that Intermediae offers an alternative space, in contrast to conventional institutional approaches to contemporary creation and how the public is treated within the spaces where art circulates and interacts with society.