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Creativity arts grants programme 2006
7th – 21st July

is a cultural platform created by artists which supports direct and flexible collaboration with the artists and their projects. Plataforma Mirador funds an awards and assistance programme open to artists from different disciplines. The resulting works can be viewed at Intermediæ from 7th to 21st July.
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On 22nd June the workshops which have been running through the month will come to an end. These workshops have been focused towards the group creation of the celebration which will take place on Saturday 23rd June in Intermediæ.
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Presentations, performances and projections during the celebration
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1st – 23rd June

The creation process of the Celebrando event revolves around workshops, events and performances. Participation in the different projects is possible with prior booking, but spontaneous participation is also possible as Intermediæ will be open every day with a guide available for visitors.
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For vj's, artists, and audiovisual creators with a knowledge of video editing
From 12 to 22 June
16:00-21:00 h

Creating live visuals (vj's)
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1st – 23rd June

Intermediæ celebrates their arrival in the neighbourhood and welcomes you

During June, creators and artists from a range of disciplines will invite the public to participate in various workshops, leading up to a celebration on the 23rd June. Together, the artists and workshop participants will define and create the Intermediæ celebration.

Sign up for the workshops. Places are limited and will be allocated in strict accordance with the order in which applications are received. Should there be any specific requirements for a workshop it will be indicated in the section for that workshop on the web.
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For everyone
From 15 to 23 June
18:00 - 21:00 h

How to produce your own neighbourhood TV
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For children aged 10 to 12
From 16 to 19 June
16 and 17 June 12:00-14:00 h
18 and 19 June 17:00-20:00 h
With the participation of Fátima Gismero and Justo Almendrote, teachers at the Escuela de Pastelería de Madrid (Madrid Pastry School)

Creating a world where flavours are the means of communication and collaboration is the key.

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For young people aged 8 to 16
From 13 to 20 June
17:00-19:00 h

Building icons for a new celebration
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For adults around age 50
From 14 to 21 June
18:30-20:30 h

Who said only young people can be Dj´s?