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escrito por Intermediae 02/06/2007 17:09:45
For everyone
From 16 to 21 June
16:00-21:00 h
With the collaboration of the Basurama collective

DIY Urban Challenge
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Work in process
From 4 to 23 June

The artist proposes to create a work along with those people who wish to participate in the creative process which will transform Intermediæ’s space for Celebrando.
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April, May & June

The artist will penetrate the streets of Legazpi to live temporarily among the residents and passers-by and will create a collective image of the neighbourhood through the medium of photographs. At the same time, he will be spreading a rumour about the recent arrival in the area of Intermediæ and about the intended event Celebrando as an occasion of mutual welcome between the centre and the residents.
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Creativity arts grants programme 2006
C.A.S.I.T.A. group blog
7th April – 20th June

Ganarse la Vida (Making a Living) is a project of the C.A.S.I.T.A. group (in this instance, Loreto Alonso, Eduardo Galvagni, Kamen Nedev and Diego del Pozo Barriuso) whose objective is research into the transformation of the current methods of production from a relational perspective, focusing on how the panorama of production affects the subjectivity of the individual.

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Creativity arts grants programme 2006
31st March– 19th May

This project, conceived by Laboratorio Urbano and Algomas, aims to research and construct a collective neighbourhood memory with the help of its inhabitants themselves.
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The Terrarium is one of the most unusual areas within Intermediae. From 7th –22nd March, the Dutch designer Anthony Kleinepier ( will be working in situ to build and transform it.
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Creativity arts grants programme 2006
23rd March–20th April

The city of Madrid as an urban scenario for contemporary artistic interventions. Encounters open to the public, participitave installations, actions and performances in the urban space for artists and culture professionals and to the general public.
escrito por Intermediae 28/02/2007 19:09:11
15th to 18th February 2007
Joint collaboration between Intermediae and Art Center Nabi, ARCO Korea'07
This enlarges upon the information published in the post
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During ARCO’07, Intermediæ will become home to fifty students from five Fine Arts faculties.

escrito por Intermediae 28/02/2007 11:43:03

Intermediæ will be getting underway at the Matadero Madrid putting its role as a Resource Center to use.

On the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th of February as part of "Korea at ARCO'07", Intermediæ will be offering accommodation to 50 students from five Fine Arts Schools.