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PROYECTOR (PROJECTOR) / International Video Art Festival.

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 FROM 6-9 pm. Screenings and meetings.

PROYECTOR continues exploring international dialogue (especially between Portugal and Spain, who once again seem consigned to the stigma of the periphery) and formal experimentation. It takes an active, critical, citizens’ look at the issue of location. Location of the body and the street. We take on space as a political element, aiming this year to focus of the dimension of the body and public space as venues for civic empowerment, debate and activism. We believe visual practices must be focused centrifugally toward the population and that is why we stand for the street, independent spaces, and artists’ workshops as venues which should be close to citizens. PROYECTOR wants to reaffirm the “social performativity” of art, working through visual language to strengthen its inherent capacity for agency and transformation. 

In keeping with the importance the festival gives to the social role of cultural mediation, there will be guided visits. In addition, PROYECTOR will have a set of talks and roundtables conceived as a niche for generating a critical mass and creating work in a network.
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Open Mondo Píxel-Arsgames

Mondo Píxel. Thinking about pixelogy. Friday 21 December at 7 PM.

What do I know? What should I do? What can I expect? Although these are three essential questions for philosophy, it is also true that they're perfectly applicable to our everyday relationship with video games, which is deeply linked to these philosophical reflections, though it’s not immediately obvious. Even so, the potential of video games as a new prevailing means of expression remains to be exploited in the field of philosophy.

To explain some of the relationships between videogames and philosophy, we will have Álvaro Arbonés, author of the cultural criticism and philosophy blog titled The Sky Was Pink, and also one of the winners of the Ariel awards for Best Young Essay Bloggers. What I find out in video games? What should I do with them? What should I expect from the experience? These are three of the questions philosophy may answer with respect to videogames, three questions rooted in rich deep problems whose answers interest us all.
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ConectaLab2 and Internet of Things. Wednesday 19 December starting at 5 PM.

Work day at the Terrario with the following: Internet of Things, aLabs, IoT Madrid and Manuel Portela, organizer of CityCamp Buenos Aires, who will share his experience as an attendee at SmarCity Expo Barcelona.

Using pieces of open source hardware and software, and a spirit of creativity and innovation, ConectaLab was born, a pop-up co-working space held monthly with a technological base open to technologists and people who conceptualize or are curious, whose main activity is collectively and responsibly generating utility. A space to work, learn and share.

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Basurama and Zuloark

Wednesday 5 December at 7 PM. Open conversation between Basurama and Zuloark with Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas.

Citykitchen aims to generate a new way of building a city, based on collaboration among citizens, companies, public administration and professionals from various fields.

Various forms of citizen groups are focusing their work on regenerating neighbourhoods through artistic creation and cultural development. These citizen initiatives have generated a wide range of excellent practices that have been disseminated though not always interconnected. They have not yet crystallized into a shared methodology rooted in collective knowledge and able to grow by intertwining all these experiences toward a shared goal.

Citykitchen is carrying on with several processes of gathering these experiences, like the one that was already begun by Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas, to reflect on possible methodological tools for collective building and frames for clear dialogues among cultural, social and administrative agents.

Through a series of public meetings and work sessions, they aim to open an investigation into the processes and mechanisms that exist currently. They aim to detect the main problems and barriers citizen initiatives face today and reflect on possible protocols to facilitate their development and support these citizen-based processes for managing public space.
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Javier Montero

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 December at 20 p.m.

La gaseosa de ácido eléctrico (The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test) is an experimental stage project that develops horizontal work tools and investigates collective intelligence methods. It is carried out by a heterogeneous group of women about the age of 60 from a diversity of social and ethnic backgrounds. We started the process by exploring the subject of love but soon we agreed it would be more interesting to focus on the here and now. The plot of the open piece which has evolved is based on the occupation and conversion of a social dining area at a financial club, given the precarious nature of the crisis of the system.

The project has developed its own strategic approach to experimental stage arts and popular culture which has nourished the work with body and space, text and narration, accents and languages, playwriting and meta-fiction, soundscapes and stage design. This has allowed us to explore numerous contemporary artistic disciplines and make a call to thinking as action. We have also developed specific collective work tools, focused on developing creativity, personal enrichment and social interaction.

The work has been structured into four workshops that made it possible to investigate various aspects of stage development:

. Writing and acting workshops led by Javier Montero.
. Soundscape design workshop led by María González.
. Stage design workshop led by Matilde Juárez.

In La Gaseosa de Ácido Eléctrico (The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test) we started with the idea that inter-subjective relations are not only an end in themselves, but also allow us to explore more complex terrains such as the role played by cultural representation systems, micro-political potentialities, the role of emotions, inequalities, and the class system, behaviour protocols, the concept of value or narcissism.

The piece combines three spaces: the dining hall, the kitchen and meta-fiction, where we reflect on the dramatic process and debates are held. It is important to point out that we have not aimed to reach a final conclusion or a finished, polished work. The work process is undoubtedly what is most fascinating.
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CLUB GAMESTART / Presentation of projects by club participants


Saturday 15 December at 11 a.m. Presentation of projects by club participants

Since September, the children and teens who take part in Club Gamestar(t) have been investigating, experiencing and exploring the universe of games as a creative playful tool.

In this session they will present the work they have done on their collective projects: creating video games, databases, blogs and servers, among other things. This meeting is open to all friends of the Club, where they can be members for a day and enjoy a session of play and work.

Want to know how they do it? The participants of Gamestar(t) will tell you.

Gamestar(t) has guides who orient the process, drawing their inspiration from free pedagogies, facilitating communication, decision-making and conflict resolution. Through an assembly, the club’s working process is decided, as well the activities to be carried out at each session.
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Seed exchange bank event


Thursday 13 December, 6 pm

The Seed Exchange Bank is an initiative in favour of decentralizing control of seeds and questioning the management models we generate or in which we take part in this culture with our current way of life. The Seed Exchange Bank and the activities it holds are offered as a metaphor for the need for change in society today.

The first Thursday of each month, a seed exchange session is held for growers, horticulture enthusiasts, and anyone interested in being part of a social network based on organic and sustainable principles, where know-how can be shared about working with seeds and ways to enhance organic agriculture in Madrid.

The Seed Exchange Bank can be visited on a regular basis at the Terrario at Intermediae.

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OPEN TERRARIO/ Streaming Scenarios

Théa: contemplation. Wednesday 12 December as of 4 PM.

Theory and theatre share the same Greek root: Théa: contemplation.

Theory was born as a contemplation practice and theatre as a place for it: it is not by chance that before they were buildings, the first Greek theatres were overlooks, always facing monumental landscapes.
In the 20th century, going back to its origins, this contemplative attitude was recovered for the stage: the viewers’ attentive gaze became an essential active element in forming discourses. Wasn't Gertrude Stein’s idea really quite ancient, something the stage arts had lost? Doesn’t Pieza Paisaje, the source of so many renewing aesthetics, show originality possible only in resonance with the origin?

THÉA: A THEORETICAL FESTIVAL aims to highlight this contemplative theoretical attitude in a sort of thought marathon structured in brief micro-presentations that are always oriented in some way to the vast landscape of the stage.

In this first showing, framed within Streaming Stages, we will focus our discourse on problems in using streaming in relation to stage arts.

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Open Terrario / Cooperama

COOPERAMA union of cooperatives

Tuesday 11 December from 4-9 PM.

Meeting to commemorate the international cooperatives year. “Creating economy based on cooperatives”.
The United Nations general assembly proclaimed 2012 as the international year of corporate news and highlighted the contribution of cooperatives to economic and social development, especially their impact on reducing property, creating employment and social integration. In Madrid, the COOPERAMA union of cooperatives is offering an open event for everyone to exhibit the best of Madrid's cooperative sector. We will hold an open meeting to share experiences in the field of social economy, a video presentation of cooperative companies in Madrid, and an information desk about starting up and/or consolidating cooperatives, as well as an open workshop to collectively share and build a new identity for cooperatives in Madrid.

Participating entities: Cooperama, Somenerg, Ecosecha Productos Ecologicos, COOP57, Mercado Social de Madrid, Mercado de San Fernando and all the work cooperatives in Madrid that want to participate.
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Articultores, Free Culture!

Meetings and Workshops. Saturdays 1 and 15 December from 12 to 14 p.m.

Articultores is a group of people with three interests: art, gardens and people (community), united by a concept of free culture. They promote the free transit of culture, food and persons using several tools to create opportunities in which people with similar interests can meet, think and develop projects together. Articultores creates a platform for people to participate collectively.
One of the tools is the Guerrilla Huerta. With Guerrilla Huerta we walk around the city looking for abandoned sites to attack them and make them more visible. We attack them with seed bombs (small balls made of soil, clay and seeds). All the information is uploaded onto a public map, so anyone can find the points attacked to maintain or harvest them.

The encounters are structured through the following:

1- Thinking of attack strategies while we make seed bombs.
2 – Exploring the city searching for unused spaces as we take note of each site.
3 – Attacking unused spaces, while we take photos and publish them.
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