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OPEN TERRARIO/ ConectaLab pixels and coffee

Wednesday 24 October from 4 to 8 p.m.

Using pieces of open source hardware and software, and a spirit of creativity and innovation, ConectaLab was born, a pop-up co-working space held monthly with a technological base open to technologists and people who conceptualize or are curious, whose main activity is collectively and responsibly generating utility. A space to work, learn and share.
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OPEN TERRARIO/ El Ojo Cojo International Film Festival

From Thursday 11 October to Sunday 14 October, 7 p.m.

Organized by El Ojo Cojo Cultural Association, since 2005 this festival has been held in Madrid, where it arose to Foster intercultural dialogue and the integration of disadvantaged groups, disseminating films that would otherwise not reach movie theatres in Spain.
Thursday 11
>7 p.m. - Ngutu, 2012, documentary. Dir. Felipe Del Olmo and Daniel Valledor. Spain, 4', Spanish. 
Ngutu is a street newspaper vendor who sells very few copies. Feeling indignant, he decides to observe pedestrians carefully to get ahead in his business.

>7:10 p.m. - De las calles al terreno de juego, 2012, documentary. Dir. Carlos Sánchez-Llibre and Josep María Badell. Spain, 80', Spanish, English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.
"Sport has the power to inspire and unite people". While the Spanish national team made history at the first World Cup on the African continent, in parallel a children’s championship was held in which three of its participants had the great opportunity to meet their football idols. This is the portrayal of the dream of social cohesion inspired by Nelson Mandela’s words.

>8:30 p.m. - La cosa en la esquina, 2011, fiction – animation. Dir. Zoe Berriatúa. Spain, 10', Spanish.
Oh my God, there’s a horrible, disgusting black thing on the corner... but you can’t see it? Really?

Friday 12
>7 p.m. - Encapotado, 2011, animation. Dir.  Velislav Kazakov. Canada, 9 '25'', English .
A man falls from the roof. In a chain of absurd events and cover-ups, the body is repeatedly “dead” until it finally reaches a clinic.

>7:15 p.m. - De Caravana, 2011, comedy. Dir. Rosendo Ruiz. Argentina, 95', Spanish.
Juan Cruz, an upper class photographer from Córdoba, Argentina, has to take pictures at a dance given by La Mona Jiménez. In this setting where the customs are unknown to him, he will discover a different world: that of Sara, an attractive young woman with whom he will live a love story and a dangerous caravan of adventures.

>8:30 p.m. - Llámame Parker, 2011, short documentary. Dir. Péris Romano. Spain, 3', Spanish.
We can’t be lawyers, plumbers, waiters... They have to be other... PROFESSIONS.

Saturday 13
>7 p.m. - Slides, 2011, fiction. Dir. David Ilundain, Eugenia Poseck, Luis Arribas, Paul Severn, César Urrutia, Javier San Román, Jesús Liedo, Paco Ortega. Mexico, 17', Spanish.
An adolescent recites a poem to his girlfriend. A boy plays with his toy figures. Someone unexpected transmits a message that is very lucid. When he gets home, a young man finds his father asleep by the TV. A woman gives a person some food. A married couple has sex. A teenage girl gets dressed up to go out.

>8 p.m. - Los Dioses de verdad tienen huesos, 2010, documentary. Dir. Belén Santos and David Alfaro. Spain, 90', Creole, Portuguese, English and Spanish.
Life in Guinea Bissau is not easy because it is one of the poorest countries of the world. Children with serious health problems must be evacuated to Europe to save their lives. Five very different people tell us about the difficulties involved in doing this, such as the day the assassination of the President of the Government paralyzed the country. But our protagonists teach us that in Africa what is easy is difficult but what is impossible becomes simple.

Sunday 14
>7 p.m. - La mirada perdida, 2012, fiction. Dir. Damián Dionisio. Argentina, 11', Spanish.
Argentina, 1976. Claudio is forced to live with his family clandestinely, due to his political ideals. The house where they live is discovered by a group of military personnel. With no time to flee, Teresa will try to offer her daughter refuge in a world of fantasies, to keep the girl from seeing the horror she is about to undergo.

>7:15 p.m. - El Eco del Dolor de Mucha Gente, 2011, documentary. Dir. Ana Lucía Cuevas. Guatemala/United Kingdom, 93', Spanish and English.
In 2008, in one of her frequent Internet searches about Guatemala, Ana Lucía Cuevas almost accidentally finds she has discovered a Secret File of the National Police Force in Guatemala City. Ana Lucía, who was forced into political exile, decides to return to her country in search of information about her brother Carlos, who went “missing” in 1984 at the hands of State security forces. Produced and filmed over the course of four years, this unique documentary, directed by a Latin American woman, documents that return journey.
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OPEN TERRARIO/ Stages via Streaming

Urban Recital via Streaming. Saturday 6 October at 7 p.m. 

The gathering will explore a new way of presenting a poetry recital, live and via streaming. 
The proposal arose from the idea of collaborating with groups present at Intermediae, specifically with the project Ocupación Poética, by Juan Carlos Ibáñez and Carlos Contreras.
Activating some of the poems geo-tagged in Madrid by Ocupación Poética, we will recite a poem in real time from where it is geo-tagged. In parallel, the recital will be rebroadcast from the Terrario at Intermediae, where the experience will be discussed.
Stages via Streaming is a stage experimentation platform and theoretical reflexion by the PlayDramaturgia group. This group of young playwrights collaborates with creators, critics and experts from a wide range of disciplines to uncover the possibilities offered by streaming to the performing arts, in a series of creations and gatherings that can be followed at Intermediae or from home.
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OPEN TERRARIO/ Presentation of Streaming Scenarios.
PlayDramaturgia Group

Saturday 22 September at 10 p.m.

Many thought stage or “live” arts would be crushed by the cinema or television. However, they survived by assimilating the new technical advances and have done so for thousands of years.
Nowadays, stage arts are facing a new threat: streaming makes it possible for almost anyone to broadcast live videos on the Internet, from almost anywhere, no matter how remote. What forms will the stage arts take when they make streaming their own?
Streaming Scenarios is a platform for experimentation in the stage arts and theoretical reflection. With the support of Intermediae, at Matadero, the ¡Presente! team of young playwrights will collaborate with creators, critics and experts from a variety of disciplines to uncover the possibilities streaming holds for the scenic arts, in a series of creations and debates that can be followed on site or at home. All the problems or discoveries that arise during the process will be posted on our blog.
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OPEN MONDO PIXEL ARSGAMES / Art and Videogames: Videogames Mechanics, Aesthetics and Design in Contemporary Creation Practices

Mondo Pixel
Friday 28 September at 7 p.m.

Recognizing and analyzing videogames as a cultural and artistic device? Rethinking the role of games designers and creators with respect to their audience and the players? Deciding whether games and videogames can take over the critical postures of some avant garde movements, avoiding proposals that reiterate those forms cosmetically and expressing themselves in their own language? Have we completely lost our minds?
We may have but Lara Sánchez Coterón, a researcher with a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad del País Vasco and Ph.D. in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, is quite sane. So much so that she has turned the starting points mentioned above and many others into the central thread of her doctoral thesis titled “Art and Videogames: Videogames Mechanics, Aesthetics and Design in Contemporary Creation Practices”. At the next Open Mondo Píxel meeting, we will attend a presentation of that thesis by its author.

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SEED EXCHANGE BANK / What do we harvest? Biodiversity Forum

Friday 21 September from 4 - 9:30 p.m. Biodiversity Forum.
From Friday 21 to Sunday 23 September. Exhibit of horticultural varieties.

What do we harvest? The Biodiversity Forum is an annual gathering organized by the Seed Exchange Bank, to enable sharing various types of horticultural production experiences. This year, special attention will be focused on the situation of local varieties raised by organic farmer Josep Roselló.
In addition, there will be a group exhibit of horticultural varieties produced from seeds that are part of the Seed Exchange Bank.
Users of the Exchange Bank are encouraged to contribute to the exhibit to share the diversity of varieties and learning observation and recognition to distinguish them.
To participate in the exhibit with a sample from your harvest or to present your experience, contact:

Programme for Friday 21 September:
Starting at 4 p.m. Reception of the gardeners bringing horticultural varieties to the exhibit.
6:15 p.m. Presentation.
6.30 p.m. Situation of local varieties. Josep Roselló, organic farmer and expert on local varieties.
7.30 p.m. Table exhibit of experiences:
* Red de Huertos Urbanos Comunitarios de Madrid
* Asociación La Troje
* Almudena Lázaro. Researcher at the Agricultural and Food Research Department of IMIDRA
* Amateur farmers
* Professional organic producer
9.00 p.m. Tasting local varieties.

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OPEN TERRARIO / International Volunteers Day

Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID)

Saturday 8 September from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Several Spanish and international NGOs will come together for a day at the Terrario at Intermediae to raise awareness of the values that lead thousands of people to work for sustainable human development in the countries in greatest need.

The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) in collaboration with NGOs including Copade, Habitáfrica, IEPALA, Intermón Oxfam, Intered, Jóvenes y Desarrollo, Manos Unidas, ONGAWA, and Plataforma 2015 among others, will offer intergenerational activities under the slogan: Cooperate – Collaborate – Build – Share - Commit. 
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Cine sin Autor Group
Friday 13 July at 8 pm

Since May 2012, the CsA (Authorless Cinema) Group has been working in the Legazpi neighbourhood by starting up a Factory of Authorless Cinema. In under a month, the group installed an Open Studio (Estudio Abierto) at Intermediae, which serves as a coordination and editing room for collective films. The Legazpi neighbourhood, with its locations and residents, provides the setting for the Factory. Anyone who is interested can make their own films here. Professional technicians at the Factory are available to help people who want to make their own films. Participatory, horizontal, collective cinema. 21st century cinema.

On 13 July at 8 pm, you can come visit the space, see some of the films in progress and find out more about the Factory of Authorless Cinema.

"Y tú, qué película harías"
blog La fábrica de Cine sin Autor
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Friday, 27 July at 7 pm

Deadlight is not just another zombie game. It’s not the typical game where we borrow the identity of a muscular indestructible hero faced with myriads of the living dead, using a futuristic arsenal that appears out of nowhere.
Deadlight is not just a graphic update of those platform games -like Prince of Persia, Another World or Flashback- that sweetly devoured the brains and social lives of a good handful of players in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Deadlight is not just the first person narrative of a survivor who tries to escape his fate in a dead world; it is not just an amazing feat as far as the settings go; Deadlight is much more than thick pea soup made of zeros and ones that cover our naked digital soul.
At the next Open Mondo Píxel-ArsGames meeting, we will host the members of Tequila Works, the brilliant developers of Deadlight, who will tell us why their creation will be this summer’s top game and why Deadlight will resurrect plenty of zombified users from the deadly situation of videogames today.
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Javier Montero

Group Acting Workshop. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 12 July to 23 November, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Casting Acting workshop: 26 and 28 June, and 5 July . Appoinments at 915 177 280.

La gaseosa de ácido electrico ( The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test) is an experimental theatre project by women about age 60. It combines visual arts, writing, design from various angles, music, dance, and of course, theatre. This work fosters individual and group creativity, personal enrichment through creation, self-confidence and social interaction.
The subject of the work is an investigation of the mystification of love. Several groups of women will form a council of wise elders, the collective voice of experience, dealing with the complex theme of love without a shred of sentimentality. 

The following workshops will be held from April to October 2012: Group play writingActingSound space designStaging,Lighting, Costume and Production design. These workshops will lead to an experimental theatre piece to be performed for the public in the autumn of 2012 and to several public actions in urban space. 
Javier Montero is a theatre director, writer, actor, teacher, and regular collaborator with institutions and art and drama centres.

Open calls or casting calls will be held for those interested in participating, with a view to their interests and experience.